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    We've all seen the screenshots I'm sure. So what do you think of them. Any comments are welcome: are they (in your opinion) magnified versions of the real thing or stills from in-game movies, do you like them or not, ...
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    I really love ubisoft right now!

    I think this game will be the breakthrough for heroes of might and magic. The series have always been for the hardcorde fans... but this game seems to open up the possibility of a broader audience.

    Well I really love the look of the game, seems to keep the same feeling to it, BUT in a way heroes should have looked all from the start IMO.

    This is just great!, thx ubi... or maybe should I say thx nival and Fabrice!!
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    Well, well, well - I am not so dissapointed, as could the designers draw smth like this - this s*** is almost the same as Disciples 2 (the battle mode view).

    P.S. I really am a HoMM fan, and I was really waiting for this game, because earlier game (Heroes 4) just shake me (in bad way I mean), and then here comes Heroes5, which is almost the same...
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    Me who is a fan of Heroes saga for over 8 years now and one of the biggest Heroes fans out there I think that u guys are RUENING (or whats that english word) the game!! The 3D World looks **** to be honest... Homm 4 was the last drop but this thing scares me :-/ looks like Warcraft III wich is totally NOT HOMM series!
    The last good HOMM was HOMM 3 and below it.
    I am really nervous bout these new pics... not a Homm at all even the 2D Graphics were 3x beautiful as these three pics show in 3D

    edit: To the creators: NOT HEROES AT ALL YOU GUYS ARE WAY OFF... WAYY OFF (((
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    I must admit I am a bit concerned about the fully 3D graphics engine too. Map editor (if they do have one, hopefully) will be harder to use unless they make it easy to use. It does look alot like Kohan II and Warcraft III. VERY SIMILAR. I would buy this game even if it was using an enhanced HOMM III engine (beautiful 2D graphics I say!). Regardless, graphics isn't really much of a concern compared to gameplay for, because gameplay was crucial in getting me addicted to this series. I still play HOMM III nowadays compared to any new games like GTA: San Andreas, Halo 2, Half-life 2, etc.

    I hope they keep the gameplay as closely tied to the previous iterations.

    Btw, despite me favoring Heroes 1-3 graphics over Heroes 4, I really like the way the made the Angel creature (in the concept art and in the screenshot). It looks awesome!!!
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    Guys i know that super 3D graphics spook you.
    but as long as they would keep the Gameplay - Heroes will b Heroes. if they wont mess up too much and wont make the battle for instance more complex, then do you guys care if your "Titan" is 2D or 3D - which is more appealing.

    if some1 played here Etherlords, he would say that Nival is great Development Company. I wasnt dissapointed never with any of their games, i was only amazed. Trust Nival.

    *cross fingers and hope for the best*
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    The screenshots remind me the most of World of Warcraft...and that is one of the reasons I play EQ2 instead of WoW. Disciples I & II I feel are innovative and beautiful games. They're dark but the art is original.

    I also still enjoy playing Heroes IV. The changes they made took some getting used to but mostly they were daring and useful. My only gripe with the game was the lack of castles, which they limited with the magic system.

    If these screens are of actual in game scenes it will take some getting used to but as an avid HOMM fan I will give whatever Ubisoft and Nivel come out with a try. Thank you guys for finally getting the ball rolling. It feels good to be anticipating a new Heroes game!
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    Yes, gameplay is key in making Heroes of Might and Magic... HEROES OF MIGHT AND MAGIC! Besides, the graphics may look like Warcraft III, but you must take note that they are only HALF WAY in their development cycle! That means they will have plenty of time to polish and polish the graphics into something smoother and more "Heroes" like.
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    I wish a little description of what the four picture represent. i mean is that are the four picture an animation for heroes moving? is there a top down view of the map? if not how can someone search for the buried treasure? thanx
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    I guess they are in-game screenshots, but with the camera-moved. They won't be the 'usual' way to play the game, altough i hope they allow us to get the camera moved to take screenshots.

    Quality is standart IMHO, wich is not bad for a TBS, where the graphics are not the main point. They are pretty immersive in the game world, and that is what counts. This graphic level is, IMHO, enough and they should concentrate in gameplay from now on, because that is what is going to make the game great or not.

    Dragon Angel Aseved
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