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    Thank you very much sweetie for posting this thread. Although I though I understood about fancy food vs. regular food, but with your guide, I am able to now understand and perhaps finally beat the campaign part that I am unable to conquer
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    Been reading through these and came up with my own method that's self sustaining. Some of the others above will starve for grain, meat or flour at some point.

    3 Nobles, 2 butchers each on FF = -6 meat, +6 FF
    2 Farms, 1 grain, 1 pig on FF = -4 FF, +2 grain, + 6 meat (pig consumes 2 grain)
    1 Farm, 2 mills on NF = -2 grain, , +2 flour
    2 Residence, 1 bakeries each on NF = -2 flour, +2 PF

    The net result is +2 PF, +2 FF with 3 free noble slots on FF for on demand and 4 free residence slots on no food for on demand. The two residences make resource (paper and cloth) for noble book and clothing manufacturers. The 3rd noble can be rings or something that doesn't require residence resource.
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    Having played Settlers 7 for 2 weeks (and the original Settlers 1 & 2 years ago) I altered my starting strategy as the OP points out, using 1 lodge with 1xhunter and 1xsawmill set to fancy food and a noble residence with 3 butchers set to fancy food.

    I found that the main benefit was a surplus of wood, handy for fortifying frontier sectors, gthough storehouses have to be placed well since additional transportation is needed to send food to the lodge.

    I had to be careful when replicating the lodge/noble setup in another sector, because if you run low on fancy food, the production chain breaks down. Since noticing, I've set any clone production line to idle before I'm sure it can carry out its work.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by pyuni:
    How do I view the save game attached in the original post? I can't figure out how to view it for the life of me </div></BLOCKQUOTE>
    Was this question replied already??
    Can you add the specific SAVED GAMES folder to your original post?
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    Hiya icedude

    I have downloaded your saved game placed it in my saved games but cannot identify it can you remember what you called it.
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    Since megaupload doesn`t work any more can some give me the files?
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    Really in-depth. Many thanks
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