View Poll Results: Should the Pope butt out of British politics?

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    So... in conjunction with the news he's coming here on tour, His Holiness has spoken out about British equality laws - seems gay ain't his bag.
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    joeap's Avatar Senior Member
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    Was tempted to respond to the last choice but in fact I do think that Church-State separation is a good idea. Too bad it doesn't exist in the UK, as technically it ought to be the Archbishop of Canterbury who speaks out for/against these laws and not a "foreign" religous figure. But none of them should butt in, they can state their opinions as private individuals, maybe post about it here but otherwise who the heck elected them?
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    As much as i don't care for the pope, if i had to pick who was more evil, The Pope or Hariet Harman, Harman wins every time.

    As to the original question, theres not alot the pope can actually do to interfere with british politcs apart from expel hot air, besides, can he make a worse job of it than the current regieme?

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    P-Benny still likes sending up flak....Ah yes, it's only a matter of time for you British, you'll surrender yet.

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    I voted yes, he should. It's not that I've got anything against him, I just think it's a good idea to keep religion out of politics. Here in Britain we've tried mixing the two in the past. It all got a bit...complicated, and made the flaming that we have in here look very tame.
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    Of course religion should stay out of politics, as it should stay out of everything non-religion. It tried to play it's role in science, but now all that happens is that it gets a revision every time a discovery is made.
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    I voted yes.
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    erco415's Avatar Senior Member
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    I voted no. No one would dream of asking someone like the Dali Lama to keep his opinions on Tibet to himself (except for those a$$hats in Beijing). Smilarly, commenting on society is one of the things in the pope's job description.
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    Erco - Il Papa's comments were specifically made about British equality laws. It's nothing at all like the Dali Lama talking about Tibet. Britain rejected Catholocism as its' state religion with the 'glorious' revolution in the 17th century - some would say long before that.
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    Elizabeth is darkness,I am light!

    I would have made a great Inquisitor
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