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    should i buy far cry???? ive got doom3 but im not happy with it so i would like to get far cry 2 ?'s what the community like (strong weak?) and whats the MP like
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    should i buy far cry???? ive got doom3 but im not happy with it so i would like to get far cry 2 ?'s what the community like (strong weak?) and whats the MP like
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    What dont ya like about Doom3?
    Farcry is a matter of opinion. Some people have no troubles running it, some people have given up trying. Personally I had no crashes or anything like that, but can only play it on medium or low graphics settings because of my vid card (geforce 256meg 5600).
    Farcry seems to be more disliked in teh multiplayer section. I enjoyed the single player.
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    Go for it! they just released the sdk so we can mod some awesome additions, and the core sp game rocks already, MP isn't anything mindblowing yet, but that's what mods are for
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    Hmmm. What don't you like about Doom 3? And Far Cry is a kick @$$ game!

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    Far Cry demands updated hardware. If you got that taken care of then far cry will knock the **** right out of your ***. The game is unbelievable and the multiplayer experience is sweet and with the community's help mp will end up being phenomenal. Buy it!

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    I didn't like Doom3 and here's why:

    You need to walk to A to B to C. It's so linear it drives me nuts. The shadows, while impressive, look like they are black paint on the ground and doesn't look natural.

    The monsters may look great but considering over 50% of the game is pitch black, you only see eyes in the shadows which is great for creeping you out but I feel hides some of the best parts of the engine. I walk around 50% of the time with the flashlight on, shoot monster, repeat.

    Also is there AI in this game? Everything runs toward you and all you need to do is retreat, hide behind a box, wait for monster to come, shoot, repeat. I find it so repetitious.

    I got so spoiled with FarCry and how I can sneak through an enemy camp, go in guns blazing or snipe from a distance, etc. There were so many different ways to approach a given situation and this is non-existant in Doom3. When I began to play it, I was expecting the AI to run and hide and use tactics to take me down (again spoiled by FarCry I guess) but found the best approach was to run up as close as I can and shoot them with a shotgun.

    I will say that there was a ton of detail in the level design and the sound is probably the best I've heard in a game, but the rest of it is sub-par. FarCry is not only a better looking game but I never realized how good the AI in FarCry was until I played Doom3.

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    "i never realized how good the AI in FarCry was until i played doom3"
    For how many years will we be saying this sort of thing? a while methinks. Sounds like doom3 does exactly what it says on the box,scares you with monsters and then you shoot them with a big shotgun,is it still 1993 at the id offices .
    I have not played doom3 and i will not till i get the hardware the graphics deserve ,but thats the point ,i am not looking forward to it as it seems to be a "tech demo". Lots of people said this about farcry and missed the fact that it was also an incredible game .
    Lets see what valve dish-up before we hand out the prizes for game of the year ,it will have to be good to beat farcry.

    The original question,should i get farcry?
    HELL YES ,SP FANTASTIC ,MP INCREDIBLE (if you get it to work)
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    you'll love far cry. and hopefully i'll love doom 3 when i eventually get it.

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    After visiting the Panetdoom forums I have to conclude that the average age there is about 17 going on 15. This is a much more mature forum both in psychological age of members and in the lifecycle of the game. Fantastic mods are coming along and the gameplay with Far Cry is amazing. Just make sure your computer specs are good enough because this game will test the most cutting edge system. I don't believe that the low end is tolerated as well as with Doom3.
    And if you like monsters, Far Cry has monsters, too

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