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ps: 'E' may refer to 'Entrap' ...

<span class="ev_code_RED">[29/01/10]</span>

Will we have a replay save feature where you can replay the entire battle?
If you promise us that you will use it to share epic game replays with the community, we may think about it… No seriously, we believe that the ability to replay or share an epic battle is the sacred, inherent right of every strategy game enthusiast on this planet.

Will Ubisoft promote R.U.S.E. as an E-sport?
We will try to push as much as we can tournaments and events around R.U.S.E. We have a rich “league” system we would like to develop later on. This game is yours and we count on you to make it live.

Will there be multi monitor support?

<span class="ev_code_RED">[22/01/10]</span>

How are the ranges in the game modeled?
We tried to stay loyal to real facts when it comes to firing. Distances are respectful of what tanks were capable of during WW2. Did you know that some tanks were able to fire from more than 2 kilometers! But we owe you the truth, so there actually is an element where we haven’t been entirely accurate: the trajectory of tanks shells. We used a curved trajectory (which tends to be more common to modern tanks) to ease the players’ visualization of firings, and admittedly to make it prettier!

Does the units’ AI have any sort of moral system?
Our AI team came up with a nice idea regarding unit’s behavior to avoid the “babysitting” of your army, and that is three different moral statuses: normal, stressed, and destroyed. For example, when a unit suffers from a huge amount of damage, it automatically tries to retreat to avoid being crushed. If it succeeds, it recovers its calm and energy. You don’t have to need to take it back to your headquarters to repair it. However if you really want your troops to harshly fight to death you have one deception skill that can be useful to you, “Fanaticism”.

Will you consider releasing mod or mapping tools?
The gaming community has talent, that’s an undeniable fact and we all love mods. However when it comes to the vastness of the maps we are talking about in R.U.S.E., things tend to be a little bit tougher and it makes the development process of a mapping tool a real challenge. So sadly there is no plan to include a mapping tool when the game will hit shelves. But you may not need it considering the thousands square kilometers waiting for you!

<span class="ev_code_RED">[15/01/10]</span>

Can you play as the Germans?

WW2 would not have been WW2 without the German troops. So yes indeed, Germany is one of the factions you can play with in Multiplayer.
Are sea units only used in the campaign as artillery and support?

Yes, the sea units are used as support during the campaign. Fortunately, you have lots to deal with on the air and on the ground, the ruse cards, the logistics and so on. However sea units could be interesting. Who knows what the future holds.
With the large map sizes, is it possible we will see a map that is just an entire city?

You have to know our battle system reverses the balance of power between units according to the nature of the field - for instance, infantry beats tanks when hidden in city and forest, but get easily defeated in plains. As a matter of fact, the more a map tends to include various environments such as cities, forest, mountains and plains, the more potential it has. Therefore, while I can imagine the kind of battle you’d like to see happen, that would surely not suit R.U.S.E. gameplay.
Do you have any plans for a modern military version?

Wouldn’t that be cool? I’d say that anything is possible for our future titles.

<span class="ev_code_RED">[8/01/10]</span>

What does the acronym R.U.S.E. stand for?
That discussion has started for a long time on forums. That surely is a good question and you know what? We feel that disclosing our Enigma machine’s code without challenging your cracking skills would be unfair, you deserve to be challenged.
Why don’t you post your suggestions in this thread and let us see what comes out of your creative minds? Feel free to post all your guesses; we will divulge the real meaning as you get closer. To be even fairer, we give you a clue: R may possibly stand for REVEAL.

How large will the campaign be?
And I’m sure you also wonder how interesting it will be? Well, we tried to get best of both worlds so you will have to play more than 12 hours to overcome the solo campaign, which will take you through 8 major theaters of war.

Will there be campaigns for both Axis and Allies?
Our solo campaign is story based. You will embody a “devil may care” young US officer who will have to climb the ladder of power and command. During his journey, he will discover how deception is important to win a war as he will have to deal with a mysterious spy. Are you teased now? We hope you are!

Is there just one single campaign?
Yes, indeed. See answers above for more details.

<span class="ev_code_RED">[27/11/09]</span>

Will there be dedicated servers?
Hell yes! We value top-notch matchmaking, and that implies dedicated servers, so yes indeed.

How many maps will there be for MP?
This is yet to be confirmed but there should be between 16 to 20 maps available in multiplayer. Yeah, you heard me!

Will we be able to play an offline skirmish for those who don't have XBOX Live or PSN?
That would be a ‘Yes’. You will be able to play skirmish in solo while offline. But multiplayer skirmish will require to be connected online.

Will we have various weather conditions possible on any map?
Various weather conditions have been something we thought about at the beginning. We were particularly interested in the fact that changing weather may affect –positively or negatively – your strategy. But the truth is that, while this could have added another layer of realism, we were not convinced with the results and it finally turned out to be frustrating to let a random element influence the flow of the battle, overcoming or ruining your strategy.
As a result we did not allow the climatic conditions to change during the battle. What we did is preset the weather on the maps to get the best of them. You will then have to adapt yourself to snow, sandstorm, torrential rain, etc. while playing the game, depending on the map you choose.

Will there be camouflage that you can purchase/ give to your units?
That would be a ‘Yes’. Let me explain: in R.U.S.E. you are granted a special deception skill, a ruse card, every minute. There are a total of 10 different skills to use. You can decide to use them as soon as you receive them, use them later or even stock them in order to make combos. The Deception skills are not linked to money but to the battle plan you want to employ. One of the deception skills is called “camouflage net” and allows you to hide your buildings for 4 minutes. Another one is “Radio Silence”, making your units invisible from enemy intel during 4 minutes.

<span class="ev_code_RED">[25/11/09]</span>

What kind of multiplayer modes are there going to be?
Many modes! The multiplayer feature will let you play skirmish versus AI in solo or in coop against up to 3 others; Free for All (1v1v1 and 1v1v1v1) and 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4 modes.

If that was not enough, players will also have a Challenge mode in which some missions will require cooperative play. As its name suggests, the Challenge mode will challenge players with preset scenarios where they will have to be victorious in spite of a specific context with predetermined parameters such as the map, the factions, limited units, a time limit and so on.

Last but certainly not least, the multiplayer will let players compete in leagues. There will be 3 different leagues (one for 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3) and players will be free to participate in whichever one they want. We will make a proper presentation of this mode later, but we actually cannot wait to see which players will first reach the Top League. We are launching a beta very soon to balance the multiplayer. The beta is closed and limited to a certain number of players, but I’m looking forward to defy you guys!

Does the game have time limit in skirmish?
Of course you can set up a time limit for every battle in skirmish. The time limits are: 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 minutes. You can also select unlimited skirmish. Here your victory will require destroying or capturing the enemy’s headquarters.

Will we have the ability to create private co-op battles vs. the AI?
Absolutely. Just set up a skirmish versus AI and choose the number of players you want to play in coop with, up to 3.

Will the game have a chat lobby and ranking systems?
Yes and yes.

<span class="ev_code_RED">[20/11/09]</span>

How many different base buildings will the game offer?
You will be able to build more than fifty kinds of buildings, going from the basic and vital supply depots to the most advanced research facilities letting you deploy deadly devices. You have also to know that we take full advantage of the WW2 setting by allowing our tech tree to evolve according to the period you will choose. If you choose the beginning of WW2, you will have to do a lot of research before producing super powerful units.

Does infantry play an important role?
Yes indeed. In R.U.S.E. the infantry is not made of cheap and weak units that you deploy to be offered in sacrifice to your opponent’s tanks, they are real strategic units that can turn the course of the battle. Keep in mind for example that infantry when wisely hidden in forests or cities can destroy tanks, and even heavy tanks! Infantry can also easily capture your opponent’s depots and allow you to benefit from its resources instead of just damaging his economy. You can also use the Interference Plan to make an infantry appear as a heavy unit to the enemy and fake an armored offensive.

Will AT guns have a range bonus when placed on hills?
If you watched our gameplay videos you may have noticed that when selecting a unit, you see a surrounding halo representing its visual field. Finding the good spot for your troops is important; and indeed AT guns placed on a hill benefit from larger field of vision. The environment is definitely a parameter you have to take into account. But beware: exposing your units to get a larger visual field may also be riskier.

Is there a limit to the number of units?
It’s not our style to limit your plans, if you want to deploy hundreds of units, feel free to.

Is every strike lethal to a unit?
Nope, it depends more on the armor of the defending unit and the striking power of the attacking one. However, if you make smart moves like ambushes, then you can do critical damages. For instance, an infantry well hidden in city can kill a tank in a shot.

Is the idea behind R.U.S.E. to effectively eliminate "tank rushes" as much as possible?
This is not something that we focused on, as a tank rush can work if it is done wisely (studying the path you will take and selecting the ruse cards you will apply to hasten/hide your troops). One thing is sure, we wanted to reward strategists, people doing smart plans, taking risk to reverse the balance of power rather than acclaiming the best “click per minute” ratio. One thing we think is really exciting about R.U.S.E. is that a plan may work against one opponent and be totally annihilated by another one. This is why we really encourage you to try as many tricks as you can to defeat your adversary, among which the “tank rushes”.

Can we expect a demo?
Actually the VIP Beta should give you all you can expect from a demo, and even more. Go and get your key now!