In Sound options i enabled for auto annotation so that it would read it for me when I click play in the game status, then it would go through the game move by move automaticaly reading the annoatations, sometimes there is a sugested move and it goes on with a sequence of moves, of which are too fast for me to figure it out.

Example, I make a move, it determines there was a beter move and then begines to dictate, white e6 Nxb6 excetrea, and then "even beter" and another sequence of moves. When it is reading the moves it is going to fast and I cant properly analize why the move is being made or shat the end goal is, and would like maybe a pause between moves.

It takes me too long to read the move sequences myself and visualize them thats why I like it reading for me just sometimes its to fast.

Hope theres a setting for this.