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    I bought RUSE some days ago for my Macbook Air, and I was quite disappointed when I couldn't find out why Multiplayer wasn't working. Apparently I have too slow internet, which is impossible due to the fact that we have the fastest network. >.< Can someone help me please?


    ~ A frustrated girl, ready to test her strategic mind.
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    hey what did you delete from the host folder?
    what hosts from ubisoft because there are a few...
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    I'm having the same problem, does anyone knows how to fix it?
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    I was gonna get this for my mac but for 19.99 and im not sure if my mac is capable of handling it I don't want to just buy it. Im running 10.6.8 with 2 GHz Intel Core Duo and 2 GB of memory just barely meet the system requirements but if i do buy and it lags so im unable to play I wasted $19.99 what do you think buy or not?
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    I bought RUSE on Steam
    I was able to play the first game of the tutorial but the second crash every time when I start moving the men in Casserine
    It freeze my Macbook and i need to force booting it

    Does anybody as a solution ?

    Macbook NVIDIA GeForce 320M 256 Mo OS 10.8.2
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    Originally Posted by lucmttd Go to original post
    I'm tying to solve this with ubisoft support, but seem its impossible... They said me that the game is NOT SUPPORTED for use on Mac systems... wtf??
    then they tell me to do this:

    Are you able to access the following URL?


    the resulting page should look like this:

    i can't play RUSE Multiplayer on my mac too. but i can see the result of the ubi page.. can you play RUSE on a MAC in the multiplayer modus after you fixed that problem?
    when i want to invite a friend (RUSE on Windows) to a game we can't connect. when i want to connect to open server no servers where listed an when i open a server no one will join it.

    when i started RUSe on a VM with Win7 the multiplayer run but the performance of my mac dosn't reach to play RUSE on a VM well.
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