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    Im gettin that message when I try to play Theatre of War or multiplayer mode. Any specific ports I need to open up to get this thing to work? I play a ton of online/multiplayer games and I've never got a message like that before. Is it the server on UBIsofts end thats down? Anyone playing Theatre of war mode on the pc?
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    I had this issue, I got rid of it by looking at my LAN connections. My Internet was plugged into LAN-2 and my local network was plugged into LAN-1. I swapped the two connections over and bingo i can access the TOW. It seems that the game will only detect the internet on the LAN-1 connection. So take a look at your connections and make sure your internet is on LAN-1
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    Sadly it is on LAN-1 already
    Its the only thing plugged in to the routers ports at all.
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    Check out the second question on the FAQ:


    Hopefully this will help.
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    This problem just occurred to me. Opening Port 3479 in my firewall fixed it.
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    I think you have to reinstall your router again. Hope these would help you. Try to do all in correct manner as given in the router guideline books.
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