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    come join my server...

    name is:retroscaper
    pass is:awsome
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    I am Satan i am the owner of Satanas Scape and its hamachi here are the details

    Network Name: *_Satanas_*
    Network Pass: 123
    Owner: Satan Or Rossycakes

    Join Now!!
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    SERVER : jaydp
    PW= 123
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    NETWORK NAME = jaydp
    IP =

    owner = marissa , j--a--y , owner
    first one who enter get ADMIN second one get's MOD
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    Maybe you will give a try. It is a one-men projekt and i am working on it.

    Further it should have a bette "overview" and should conntect servers to games nicer. It also should preserve more information to each server.

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    hey Join

    Username: Jaredscapeftw
    Password: 123

    or contact me at
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    I created one too but how does this realy works? Does it connect two people through hamachi + the game server?
    I joined every europe server btw
    the name i gave it at first start up is Gamers rev.
    + the .
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    hi i got a new server
    network: tntscape
    pass: 123
    port: 43594

    use silabsoft not moparscape coz it wil lgitch ur acc nd u wont be able to log on after

    this is a really good pking server enjoy

    and i am english and the server is mostly up all the time but not 24/7
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    Here is another one from Mexico.
    Server: vmcplan PW: vmc1
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    server: finescape1

    pass: fine

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