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    anyone wanna play...

    Pass: 123
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    Join my north america one for splinter cell conviction.

    server name: scc1991
    pass: sam
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    Please Join my network

    game:Splinter cell conviction:
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    Name: Stövel17
    P/W: 12345
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    Try these hamachi server: HamachiServer

    Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory:
    network: splintercell-chaostheory-hs
    password: multiplayer

    Splinter Cell: Double Agent
    network: splintercell-double-agent-hs
    password: multiplayer
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    Myn is

    Server: Grinder-scape

    pw: 123

    please come on
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    Server name is SplinterCell - ChaosTheory

    That's a hyphen separated by spaces, and no spaces between the words themselves.

    Password is hats

    Hoping to play some Chaos Theory.

    Based in the UK.
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    network robertjunior1234

    pass: junior123

    hope you like it :-}
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    Hamachi server !!!!! Faction server !!!

    Hamachi Network : Fisnik server

    Hamachi pass: 123

    Hamach/Server IP :

    Make or join a faction and be the most powerfull faction.

    Build your own house and find everything!

    Admins: Flluka fusofus markoboy1997

    The first person will get promoted to OP!!!

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    i have one
    Id 17jmadsen
    Pass 123
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