Need a final run through on this mission before final polish.

I'll not explain what is needed to complete the mission as I hope it's all self explanatory, if not please give me feedback. Also I've added an option which i hope works. On normal and hard difficulty levels save games are disabled. If you save then try to load the save game, Ghost Recon will crash ( fingers crossed ). So I need to know if the mission is too hard are not. Also tell me if the roping in insertion looks lame or not.

Feedback on bugs, gameplay, story, fun factor and difficulty would be appreciated. Spent a lot of time on this mission. Download link is below. Just download the file, then unzip and put the Mission2Test folder in your Ghost Recon folder. Then enable the mod and play revelations in quick missions. Disable other mods when playing this please. The amount of ammo used with the XM8 weapons is part of the gameplay.

Any feedback is appreciated.