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    Please use this thread to post your feedback both, positive and negative on Pure Football.

    Spam posts and posts in breach of the forum rules will be removed without warning.

    This thread is to help provide valuable feedback on the game, so your help is appreciated in making posts as clear and concise as possible.

    PLEASE NOTE: If you're having technical issues with the game please contact support and file a ticket (direct web link in my signature) this thread is for feedback rather than assistance.

    Thanks in advance!
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    Depsite this having a low key release, I'm pleaased I picked this up. The game fills a perfect niche and is simple and easy to pick up.

    A couple of comments that may need addressing;

    1. The goalkeeper AI needs some tweaking. They seem to save shots I expect to go in and some ones that are straight at them go in.

    2. If you "rush" into the box, the keepers often just stand still and don't react at all.

    3. I noticed some slow down on some of the pitches.
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    Firstly great game Ubi Soft.

    I would love to see this game with full 11 players could be really cool.

    All in all a great game, I love the grafix and animations also the sound effects are cool. You can really feel the crunching tackles and so on.

    Online is great, making a club is a great touch.

    I will be recommending this game to the football community on my website and when we launch our new software on tuesday I will be creating some leagues for this game.
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    A few bug that might need looked at are:

    1, if you pause the game for about 20-30 mins it will freeze sometimes and you have to reboot

    2, when starting a new campaign and in the player loading screen it will freeze on loading

    3, sometimes when you sprint with the ball and the screen does that fast effect it will freeze the game

    most of this is resolved by installing the game on your hard drive but still some freezing problems
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    cool game on the ps3.
    Brazil must have official license.
    i want club teams, more teams
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    Perfect DLC would be to have club teams e.g. inter milan and manchester united

    this would make it an even better game but as long as they fix a few quite noticeable bugs.
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    More DLC is great for this game
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    the game is great fun in offline but i cant see how the online play can be so laggy with only a handfull of people on the leaderboards and more so only a few online at once. sort it out ubisoft! also why is it with every single uk release you give games terrible sides to the cases yet america gets amazing sides? i own about 20 of your games and it annoys me that i have to print off an american case cover every time i buy a game of yours
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    Hi, I do like the game and have had a lot of fun, but also iv noticed quite a few things that are not so good.

    campaign - Tackle, tackles mostly dont register, I win the ball a lot but then tackles will show 3 or something daft this makes the player unlock of 12 tackles in a game a bit over the top.like 5 - 6 per game is playable.

    Shots on target, iv found this happens in my "first to" games, hitting the target is not hard, you just spam from distance, but for some reason, and its happend a LOT, the keeper goes into God mode and the game lags very badly.Iv had to hit 40+ on target from varying distances and shot type to get 1 goal after getting the shot on goal limit.

    I also dont understand the upload your player thing, everyone has 5 star players and there really is nothing unique about them, you should make it that before you upload you can change some stat ratings to make them different

    Online - LAG - Its also in single player so will it ever be fixed in multiplayer? i actually dont mind not being able to see the shot/pass meter but to have lagless tackleing and running would be nice.
    Maybe removing shot meter or other less important things in the multiplayer would make it smoother, maybe even a simplified set of pitches for multiplayer and practice modes?

    As i say i like the game, iv played it a lot and these are a few of the most wierd/annoying things that iv seen, good luck!
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    Firstly the game is ok. But this lag on-line is terrible, you change your player, it takes up to 2 seconds to do so. Shot bar is worthless as is corners, only played 6 games on-line had enough already. Hopefully this is sorted out fast, it ruins what could be an enjoyable game.
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