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    Brainwave! You guys need an angle to compete with the other big footy games!

    Have you played Champ mgr 80's on iPhone? Do it! This is a massive game with all my pals, so how about pure football 1980's?

    Just do it. Then send me free copies and put me in there as a player, when you make your millions!

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    Really great game. Just wish the support was there for it. Another Pure Futbol II coming? Would make it worth while. Online play and a few tweaks would make this game a competitor.
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    Please open up the server so we can play online again.
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    Please open up server still people with the game and didnt have the achivievements
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    give the players play with their favourite games!
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    Unfortunately, UBI seems to be indulging in some business practices that are not very becoming of them - the backdoor server closure. In other words, let's just shut down servers without any notification to the community and see if anyone notices. I understand games have a lifecycle, just be up front and give us some advance warning, that's all I'm asking.
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