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    please i have a problem whenever i try to start the game a massage says hawx2.exe is stoped working , i need info please
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    I have noticed the problem write to do that please
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    Try to use this solution to solve the problem.
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    Originally Posted by Blast421 Go to original post
    I bought this game a couple of hours ago, Installed it and update`d it. then restarted computer and then started the game but during the intro movie i get: Failed to create dump file c: program files ubisoft tom clancy`s hawx 2 hawx2.exe_v1.01_2010-12-6_13-30-18GMT.dmp (error5)

    Can someone help me please
    Same thing here,bought game online few months ago.I installed it got to the loading of 1st level and !!!!!!!!ERROR!!!!!!!!!! dump file crap,i tried everything out,I mean EVERYTHING!!!!!!
    So i gave up,and forgot about it,until i accidently hit the taskbar icon for hawk 2 and it started and it played the first level but then it would crash again......
    Long story short i have ati HD5670 crossfire and i had the HDMI cord going to my tv...
    I then thought about unplugging the HDMI plug and using the VGA plug....IT WORKED!!!!!!!!!!!!Maybe it might work for you,but i thought i'd let you know.....
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