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    Originally Posted by zain611 Go to original post
    ^^I did hear saint row 3s car handling isnt good but its not focused on driving its just giving a full time action look
    Yeah, pretty much this, it's not really all that different to Vice City, and even that handles better than GTA IV.

    Granted- Saint's Row driving isn't too flash, but outside driver, sandbox games have never really fine-tuned driving all that much anyway.
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    Originally Posted by brok2 Go to original post
    You're kidding, right? Humour is in it's infancy in games? Games have proven to hold humour every bit as sophisticated as other mediums, with games like Day of the Tentacle, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Bad Company and Deadly Premonition all finding ways to make us laugh. Sure it's not every day that something as cleverly funny as Psychonauts comes around, but -again- that's due to the individual developers, it has nothing to do with the capabilities of the medium.Driver has finally delivered a memorable story involving a more humourous angle and a Tanner who is genuinely likeable for the first time, and you think they should scrap that? They alreay tried the gritty and serious approach in the first four games and as a result the storylines didn't stand out at all from the sea of other serious gritty games. The level of humour introduced in D:SF is in a way the single biggest improvement it's brought to the franchise, and the tone of the game has nothing to do with linearity of missions and the options they provide. If anything, the presence of humour opens up more possibilities for why and how actions take place in a story.And I would rather play a hundred Saint's Row 3s than another GTA IV. One of the reasons GTA retained such a market dominance was due to it's irreverent humour and over the top nature. Now that it's doing away with that, it's becoming a mere shell of the series it used to be. Sure Saint's Row is juvenile, inconsistent, and light on realism. But it's taking over, slowly and surely, and even though I'm not a big fan of the series myself, I'm glad it's around because it represents a section of sandbox gaming that hasn't forgotten what gaming should always be about- fun. If GTA V turns out to be much like GTA IV, I'll personally probably skip it entirely and go back to enjoying Just Cause 2.As far as Reflections goes, they've done better in one humourous game release than all the serious stories they've made in the last 13 years combined. If there's one thing they should definitely stick with in storytelling, it's the humour!
    You know, at first, I thought that it wasn't much, but now I see that there have actually been so pretty good examples of humor in storytelling found in games. And DSF's may not always make you burst in laughter, but it's still a nice break away from the endless "gritty" games (which don't even strive hard enough for good drama anyways and end up only feeling so colorless and devoid of all personality and emotions) out there. DSF proves even that being all about mature/adult jokes (as in all out explicit humor) isn't a necessity to make a game funny. It can maintain its Teen rating and still be a huge thrill to play through with its story, MP, and free-roam gameplay. Though, if any future Driver title includes on foot again (hopefully in a way that still uses the shift mechanic somehow), it might make more sense to include blood, gore, and other mature content, thus guaranteeing a Mature rating.

    With that aside, I thought that I'd expand on this post with a nice list of ideas on what I think we deserve to see in the next Driver game:

    - Shift has been enhanced more than ever before: Tanner can now occupy virtually any type of vehicle you can imagine. Use cars, boats, motorbikes, planes, helicopters, tanks, etc.

    -On foot and guns are back! Use shift to possess any pedestrian on the streets and take control of them. Later, you'll find that a lot of interesting story and activities around the city are possible with on foot and shift. Disguise yourself to gather intel or sneak stealthily into certain buildings or other restricted/off-limits places in the game. Use it to prevent yourself from getting completely killed off in the game (though it might kind of make the game a little too easy this way).

    - a pretty good variety of difficulty settings help you customize your game to your own liking (i.e. how enemies react, permadeath or Game Over after wrecking your vehicle or dieing in one person's body, etc.)

    - With the newly expanded shift, you can also do many crazy, over-the-top moves in the on foot sections of the game, like filling up your ability bar to perform limited bullet-time kills (where you can see your enemy die like in Max Payne 3 and where you can take control of the bullet or rocket to drive it into your enemy), etc. The possibilities seem like they're endless.

    - a story that's more comic book-like is now more possible and may seem like an excellent idea, now that Tanner can use shift and his abilities in so many different ways. Take down Jericho and many other baddies in this game. Expect tons of wrecked vehicles, explosions, bullets flying everywhere, etc. Totally explosive, over-the-top action for both the driving and on foot gameplay.

    - use many different weapons, including guns and melee ones, which can be customized to your own liking.

    - customize the look and feel of your vehicles (not just cars, but every other type of vehicle there is)

    - unlicensed vehicles: allowing for all kinds of incredible damage, explosions, and physics that weren't possible in DSF

    - on foot melee and stealth moves

    - All kinds of new multiplayer ideas open up with using both shift and on foot gameplay.

    Those are just a few of my suggestions. I may update this list in the near future.
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    Hey maybe you should post this in a new topic so developers know where to look when reading this. Because this was actually for DSF!

    And Jericho was already taken down
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    Why make a new thread when this one has been around for a while and therefore probably is a place where Reflections will take many of our suggestions from the most?

    Some other possible ideas for the next Driver (as this thread's name implies):

    - mind control shift gameplay: take possession of your enemies and cause them to commit suicide, turn on their own teammates, etc. Take control of their bullets to prevent Tanner from getting any damage or to hit a particular target that is in the direction that the bullet is facing. And, of course, this would be done with filling up the ability bar, making it sparingly used (to prevent the game from being too easy).

    - ways to change the traffic system, weather, etc. With the 360 version, you could even have Kinect features, where you don't have to go through so many menus, just to change something simple like the time of day or weather. Instead, you just say, "change time of day to dawn," or "change weather to rain."

    - a constantly changing day/night weather cycle in the game. With weather and wind conditions, you could see some pretty nice physics play out, too.
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    Yes but this is the wishlist for the "old" Driver, so many wishes were maybe already fulfilled and maybe some we can totally forget. It would be stupid for Reflections to go trough 76 pages to find out where the wishes for the game after DSF start...
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    I was thinking at a few points about making a website to list all the wishes in an orderly manner. I don't know if its worth it though, even if we've heard Reflections visits this forum, but who knows. I would have a voting system on all the wishes and hopefully comment threads for wishes, only I don't know how to do that, it requires using php, and I don't want to install all the stuff necesary to test out the code. I think I tryed looking up free php hosting servers at one point, not sure if I found any
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    I had a website that worked this way, before DSF came out (Driver-4.com). It worked really well and was visited a lot (it was first on Google search results for "Driver 4", "Driver 5" and "Next-Gen Driver"). I don't think I'll do something like this again however. I am not really interested in video games. I only bought DSF because it's a Driver game and actually it's my first game since DPL, if you don't count Driver 76 in 2007 (which was the reason I bought a PSP, and tbh it's still my only PSP game hehe).
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    I too have lost interest in videogames. I still play at least once a week, but when I do, I don't want to play missions to unlock things. I wish more games had cheat codes nowadays. Anyway, I usually stick to the GTA genre games because of how much you can do in them. I just want to blow stuff up and drive some awesome cars (that handle well) for an hour or two once in a while. Unfortunately I've bought quite a few games for my PS3, most of which I've barely started. There are only really 2 games I play, Driver and GTA4, mainly the latter, but the rest of the list includes:

    Portal 2 - probably about halfway, I love this game, just never get around to playing it, give me a portal gun in GTA5
    Just Cause 2 - I want to like this game, but I haven't got past the first mission. I just don't care enough
    Red Faction Guerilla - bought it only for the environment destruction, its good, but barely played it
    MGS4, MLB2010,

    well you get it, I have probably 10-15 games and I play 2. I just wish the GTA genre would step it up already and cut it out with this realistic bull****

    I keep saying I'm gonna learn how to make my own game... maybe one of these days
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    I know what you mean, man. I've bought more than a dozen really cheap, downloadable PC titles (through Direct2Drive, GOG, and Steam), and I have yet to finish most of them. Likewise, I didn't get very far yet with Just Cause 2 (I'm probably done with three missions, after the whole map has been pretty much unlocked for you to explore it). And the whole idea of causing a certain amount of chaos before being able to start a new mission just kind of turned me off before that I didn't feel very compelled to continue playing it. Luckily, DSF has got me more in the mood of playing sandbox games, so I (hopefully) will feel that much more like giving JC2 a chance.

    And maybe the reason why you've lost lots of interest in games is because you haven't tried hard enough at exploring other genres (other than maybe just racing games or open world ones). Trust me when I tell you that by giving other genres a chance (even if it means really taking the time to be patient with them), you will enjoy gaming (as a whole) that much better.
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