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    TZ-Eastern U.S
    Days-usually on sometime between 5pm-3am
    playstyle is stealth
    preferred diffculty-normal or realistic
    Games modes-Infiltration or Co-op
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    X freak89

    central time

    im on at least everyday lol but mostly in the mornings and late at night

    playstyle is stealth with exceptions

    pref. difficulty is realistic

    I need some one who knows what theyre doing to finnish last stand on realistic
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    I live in the Uk so GMT is timezone
    I play most evenings from 5pm till about 1am.
    I play stealthy and like to play on realistic.
    Send me a Message on live if you want to play anything Co-op
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    my GT is LeftTension
    I live in Vancouver so pacific time
    mostly 4 or 5-8pm
    I play stealthy and it doesnt matter realistic or normal

    My mic is broken though, and I normally cant hear you over the game volume. If you want to play just send me a message lol.
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    X Stavros 27 X

    - EST Timezone, I'm on afternoons/evenings/nights on any given day
    - Prefer stealthy approaches mixed with dual M&E...and as little manual shooting as possible
    - Normal or Realistic, either way works for me
    - I have a mic, and would like my partners to have one to be able to plan and communicate
    - I would like to play any and all co-op levels, and maybe some Hunter.
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    oxX Rice Xxo

    Central (Available nearly every day of the week, unless other plans show up. Best time 8:00pm to whenever)

    I prefer playing aggressive stealth (Not hesitating to take the shot if I can make it count, but keeping the alarms to a minimum.)

    I play on realistic mostly, but I'm up for anything.

    Like my difficulty setting, I'm up for mostly anything. Not a fan of Last Stand or Face Off, but I still need my Last Stand's done.
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    PST Time Zone - I play most evenings to late nights.

    I prefer Stealth, M&E is ok as long as its not abused.

    No preference on difficulty ( I can't really tell the difference to be honest.. not joking)

    Looking to play hunter more than coop story, not a fan of the other modes (atm).

    MIC only please, prefer smart players who can articulate themselves but don't have to be amazingly l33t, just have fun and play stealth not crazy action.
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    Gamertag -- Marc Firewing

    Time Zone -- Pacific GMT-7 -- California

    Preferred Style -- Stealth -- Stealth Action

    Preferred Difficulty -- Realistic

    Game Mode Requesting -- Last Stand and Face Off

    Looking for someone to join me to get the Last Stand achievements and Face Off. I have a plan for the first level on Last Stand so I'm looking for a partner who's cooperative and also I prefer if you have a mic. If not, I'll accept it too.
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    I deleted my old message to just write a quick and shorter one using the " OP's rules" lol

    o I like to play as: Kestrel
    o I have a headset
    o Partner doesn't need headset
    o Tactical partner is preferred
    o Willing to play through the whole campaign
    o My timezone is: EST

    Gamger Tag UncannyZer0 ( 0 being the number)
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    GT: Stealth1276
    I won't have a mic so dont add me if that bothers you.
    I learned at any early age not to talk to strangers, lol jk.
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