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    Oh here is a novel idea. Let's make an auto save point that saves your career when you are dead. That way you can load in you game by accident (since it is auto selected when you restart) and lose all your other save points!!! I myself have always been careful not to do this (and I flinch when I hit start), but I am sure my time is coming when I load in the good 'ol in mission dead save point! I cannot even think why I would need a save point for when I was dead! If I am daft on this please explain. Is anyone out there needing to reload the game when they are dead, or better yet has anyone blasted a great patrol by loading the dead player save?
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    Only the last game/save is the DEAD one. Since it only deletes the ones AFTER the game you load, and you cannot have a game saved after your dead one.... it makes impossble to load a dead game and loose any valuable saves. Unles you can come back from the dead, save your career, make some progress and then save it... I kind of doubt it...

    When you load a game, it only deletes thew ones AFTER that save, ie: further down the list of saves from the save you are loading.
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    Anyone seen it?

    Where is it?

    I want more sense!

    Edit: Ah, xanty found it.
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    lol never thought about it until now. it doesn't make sense lol
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