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    I has bought the "Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.® 2 - All in one Pack "
    My account is closed on you shop and key closed too!
    Any support available?
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    cant download hawx 2

    hello. ive ordered hawx2 deluxe pack. but i cant find the download ****on. in help it says to pres the donwload ****on on the order diteils page. but everything is grayed out on the order details page. i cant even contact the support it says please log in but im allready loged in! dont know what to do please help. im afraid ill pay the money but wont get the game!
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    i have bought the Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X.2 - All in one Pack but i lost my setup file, i want downloading the file again, where do I download the file again?
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    English: Buy and got HAWX 2 via STEAM, which I have kept all receipts of purchase digital and I have the original game serial key. It had not played for a few months and when I tried to play again, updated, and again asked me the serial key, entered it, but he said that serial was already being used, even while the registered and associated with my account Romano_furtivo Steam, Ubisoft and UPlay. I demand a quick solution, as I deserve to play, anytime I want. I buy all the original games, not having to bother about such things.

    Espańol: Comprč y bajé HAWX 2 por medio de STEAM, del cual he guardado todos los recibos digitales de la compra y tengo el serial key original del juego. Resulta que no lo había jugado hace ya unos meses y cuando lo intenté volver a jugar, se actualizó, y me volvió a pedir el serial key, que lo ingresé, pero me dijo que ese serial ya estaba siendo usado, incluso, estando este registrado y asociado a mi cuenta Romano_furtivo de Steam, de Ubisoft y de UPlay. Exijo una pronta solución, para poder jugar como merezco, en cualquier momento que se me antoje. Yo compro todos los juegos originales, para no tener que molestarme por este tipo de cosas.
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    i can't play the game! pls help!

    only showing 'wait for the other players'....
    can't continue that game....how can i do?

    pls reply email- *email address removed for safety*

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    Hi w_nightwish, have you tried opening the ports? http://ubisoft.custhelp.com/app/answ...ail/a_id/14313
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    Registered just to say...

    To whom it may concern:
    I registered on these forums just to say that even though the game is $1 and I like it I'd rather pay $20 on steam. Stop trying to compete. You'll lose.
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    I've been playing hawx 2 for a while. I've played ranked matches. And the time I played was about 82 hours on the leaderboards . But it has changed suddenly. And it has become 596523 hours 14 munites and 07 seconds. Of course I did not play that much. And It's technically impossible anyway. Because 596523 hours makes 24855 days and that makes about 68 YEARS! I reported this issue to ubisoft support. I told them to reset my time and the points I made or even to delete my account if they fail to resolve the issue. I'm still wating. But they didn't say anything useful yet.
    Any support available?
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    I'm seriously regretting buying this game.
    Simply put I HAVE YET TO PLAY IT.
    Bought it a month ago, over Steam, but I was in Singapore.
    Seriously, its the only game I encountered on steam so far that did this kinda ****.
    But fine, it's poor practices but not a deal breaker for now.

    Now I'm back in the US.
    and now I'm getting Error Code 1
    and the link given here
    to here
    Is broken!

    The only solution is to go to some shady website to get a copy of the exe file
    And now I'm getting "Internet Access Problem"
    Internet is fine, it's not my fire wall or anti virus, BECAUSE IT STILL DOESN'T WORK WHEN I DISABLE THEM, BOTH!

    If I can't fix this by the end of the week, I'm calling it quits and going for a refund.
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    Zdravím jsem z ČR.jsem vlastníkem jednoho účtu na Uplay Ubisoft. Hry HAWX2 poprvé jsem tu hru hrál bez problému ,ale kvůli technickým problémům jsem musel přeinstalovat PC softvér W7 a z5 jsem si nainstaloval hru Hawy2 přihlásil se a pak to po mě chtělo cd-key té hry zadal jsem key. a nechce se hra aktivovat ,píše mi to tento cd-key jepoužíván jiným uživatelem a přitom já nemám jiný účet než je tento ... nevíte co stým ...? Děkuji předem s pozdravem Marcel Darák naleznete mě na fb a nebo tu v komentu děkuji
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