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    Talking Trials of the Old Monhalm

    I have lost in this map so many times now. Does anyone have any tips to how to take it. I have taken out the blue one 2 times and still lost, These IA are just so quick in getting VP.

    Please help
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    Greetings and Salutations My Loves.

    I have gone through and fixed each link in the original post so that the walkthroughs are readable again. I still would like to pick up the DLC (or dlcs, I have no clue how many there are) and continue on with these but I am one busy person. Work and Life responsibilities have taken up a great deal of time. It also didn't help that I bought a Jeep and have been learning a lot about vehicle modifications. =)

    That being said I know that there were some patches since these write up's were done. Some substantial game play may be altered. If this is the case I apologize.

    Best of luck to you all in conquering!
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    This Thread has the most recent responses so Im just going to ask my question here- downloaded Settlers Rise of an Empire today. Im playing on windows 7 on my laptop. Everything works find except for that I dont have a mouse and I cannot rotate objects. Everything else I have figured out using the hotkeys list but I cannot figure out a way to move buildings/ rotate buildings. This is very frustrating. Does anybody have an answer, or know what I can do (apart from buy a new mouse) Thanks x
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    A Formidable Adversary (ARMY RECRUITING PROBLEM)

    Hi guys...i'm having trouble about how to recruit army? There is no building that provides army? I have been spent a whole day (more than 24hours) just to figure out how to recruit army since there is no building! Im getting sick of this...someone pls help me....really appreciate any advices and looking forward to learn from experienced players.
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    you need to either use the tavern to hire pikemen/musketeers or build a stronghold (need to unlock achievement for this) look on the second tab of your build list/window Hope that helps or you found the answer already
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    Mission 9It took me three try's glad that is over.
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    I am just 26:00 into the game and Field Marshal Ludowig has taken five zones, and has five victory points. As for Dracora he has only taken only one zone, and as for me I have only taken the zone to the south, Oh by the way We have no victory points. I am going to start this mission again and see what happens, Yes I am on easy setting.
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    This was a very fun mission, As our team got up to five victory points then Ludowing came back and got 5 victory points, Then we had none, But keep on playing and we got the win with 7 victory points, Yes that is right 7, I was sending the rings up to the White Palace before the timer was running, And got there when the timer was going down. I got that one, Plus I got the Banker, and Sun King. Dracora got Emperor, Metropolis, Fountain Of Knowledge and Special Sector.
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    I think it's pretty obvious this is a map that is intended to use the church to win, not using an army.

    On Normal you can finish it within about 30min using this strategy (it's a bit rough):

    - Set the toolmaker and the two minters to IDLE FAST (so it does not use up any resources)
    - Queue up 20 novices
    - From this moment choose gifts that include tools
    - Build a mountain lodge and three queries in the north sector
    - Build a windmill in both farms in the north sector
    - Build an extra bakery in the main sector
    - Extend the church four times to get an extra prestige point
    - Get the church/export/stronghold prestige and the church upgrade prestige
    - Upgrade the church
    - Build a lodge with a forrester, a sawmill and a woodchopper in the main sector
    - Get the Ornamentation technology
    - Set one bakery to fancy food until about 5 foods have been used (you need to use the rest of the starting fancy foods to kick start a fancy food production section later in the north east sector)
    - Set main sector big storage to receive stones
    - Send novices to north east sector and take over it
    - Get technology Forced March
    - Get the constructor and the housing prestige points
    - Upgrade church again
    - Queue another 13 novices in the church
    - Send your army to north east sector that you just conquered
    - Fortify north east sector with planks
    - Build a constructor, storage and a mountain shelter with three queries in north east sector
    - Get technology Exercise
    - Build following in north east sector: a lodge with two forresters+woodchopper, a lodge with a sawmill and a hunter (set to fancy food), a noble residence with three butchers (set to fancy food)
    - Get the fortify prestige point
    - Get the abbey prestige point
    - Upgrade church to abbey. The Bishop will finish this in about 26min, so you need to finish it before. At this stage you should finish it at around 18min of game play.
    - Fortify north east sector with stone
    - Get gold and coal as gifts from now on
    - Turn on both minters to Always.
    - Send novices to south east sector and take over
    - Any time now the Bishop might decide to attack the south east sector. If he does, move your army to this sector and defend it.
    - The saw, the hunter and the butchers should by now be completed in the north east sector, be sure you have set them to fancy food.
    - Fortify south east sector with planks
    - Choose stone and planks as gift once
    - Build a storage and a lodge with three fishers in south east sector
    - Take over west sector with novices (west from your main sector)
    - Choose tool gifts from now on
    - Build a constructor and a storage in west sector
    - Extend the church four times to get a new prestige point
    - Take over south west sector with novices
    - Fortify south east sector with stone
    - Set both (or atleast one) minters to accept fancy food
    - Extend church another three times to get another prestige point
    - Build a storage and a lodge with three fishers in south west sector
    - Fortify the south west sector with planks
    - Get the Animal Husbandry technology

    About now you should have aquired the following victory points:
    * Fountain of Knowledge
    * Emperor
    * Sun King
    * Abbey
    * Banker

    Sit back and relax until the count down has finished successfully
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    It would be a good idea if you identify which map you are discussing. This thread has walkthroughs for all the campaign maps, and each post seems to be talking about a different map.
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