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    To keep everything in one place here are all of the links to my walkthroughs on these forums.


    Missions 1-4 : These are the simple tutorials. Follow the instructions.

    Mission 5 : "A Formidable Adversary"

    Mission 6 : "Expanding an Empire"

    Mission 7 : "A Storm Over The Meadows"

    Mission 8 : "The Foggy Fields"

    Mission 9 : "100 Years of Peace"

    Mission 10 : "A Father's Revenge"

    Mission 11 : "The Return of the Old King"

    Mission 12 : "The Final Frontier"

    These walkthroughs are played on the "Easy" difficulty and are only meant to help those struggling to continue to storyline.
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    As for missions 1-4 I find I really do not want to write these up. They are so overly self explanatory no one should have any trouble. Granted I could write up faster ways to accomplish the missions but it would detract from the learning process.

    If anyone else has the urge to write up walkthroughs for the tutorials and wants them linked from here feel free and I will be more than happy to link to them.
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    This thread needs to be pinned.
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    Thank you very much for this splendid work Calania !

    I really appreciate this !
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    Sticky please mods?
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    --Added Campaign 8 "Foggy Fields" link.

    I still like the name "Operation Tandrian Shield" better.
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    Thanks a lot!
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    this definately needs a sticky.. Must have played couple of these campaigns a few times and failed. Reading thru the campaign noted what i had done wrong.. thanks so much
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    Mission 9 - 100 years of Pain....er, I mean Peace...is written out. One more test play through to double check everything and if all is well it will be typed up and posted. Look for it in about a day or two.

    I'm excited! Anyone Else?
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