To myself: Happy Monday. I passed all levels in Rabbids go Home. To everyone out there in the World looking online for the answer to this question: Is there a moon level in Rabbids Go Home? No. There isn't. You can get all the stuff (all 31,750 items), and you don't go anywhere except get blown up by a ton of shooting bombs at the end that propel the rabbids into space to the moon in the ending mini movie. It's not a level. It's the end. Then: Credits. That's it.

Wow. So glad I went back through every level to get that perfect score to see something that I got to see even without the perfect score. That's right: even if you don't get a perfect score, you get to see the rabbids get blasted to the moon. Oh, an secret hiding things? Ya. There is. In Racket in the Super Market (found that out 3 months ago), a very hard to see tower island in Bubble Bed Blues to the left when you're in the last section of the big void in the level. Hard to see dark skinned people in the dark in Time is Money Honey.

UBISOFT: redo. Do it better. Same kind of game, just more passages, doors opening would be cool, and I'd really like to smear a verminator with a bomb sometime. Oh, and how about have some young and old people test it. Do you know how many glitches I found? Really? For lack of caring or what, I don't understand how I paid $20.00 for a game that's glitchy all over the place, did you test it at all?

Rabbids Go Home.... get a 1 1/2 star rating from me. Anyone else?