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    I wil run the game the settlers 6: rise of an empire alone it says(When i go intall the Tages drivers): unable to progress(error1275).
    And then: insufficient privelegis: you must be administrator when you run this application for the first time.

    PS: i have windows 7(i'm the administrator) and have not updated the settlers 6 ever(i'm now go update).
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    run the update/install as administrator, as in windows 7 just like Vita a admin account means nothing without changing other options to allow you constant full access. this is a even bigger problem when you install into program files as it is protected like the windows folder is on XP.
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    just learning Windows 7 and I'm having the same error as above. I didn't understand ur answer. I hate Vista so didn't familiarize myself with it so didn't understand what you meant about full access. I thought I had full access until error message. I don't know how to get full access.
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    pennyuk's Avatar Settlers Moderator
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    You need to right click the application and select Run as Administrator.
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    It isnt possible to play the settlers 6 on windows 7. I called the ubisoft company and they said that you cant. I was on here yesterday for hours trying everything but it doesnt work.
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    You can play Settlers 6 on Windows 7 - I do!

    As Penny mentioned, run it as administrator - go to:
    C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\THE SETTLERS - Rise of an Empire
    right-click on Play Settlers 6 and click Run As Administrator.
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    Hi all (WIN 7 X64 users)

    Forget what you have tried as I found the ONLY solution. Go to http://www.tagesprotection.com/main.htm and download the latest driver. Remember to have Settlers installed BEFORE you install this as it F####s up the installation (CRC error) if you try and install the app before the game. Satisfaction Guaranteed
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    Downloading a new driver from the site http://www.tagesprotection.com/ and installing it on my computer, completely solved the problem! Thank you
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    BTOG46's Avatar Global Moderator
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    Even easier is to install Patch 1.71 before you try to run the game, as that patch removes the Tages DRM and also allows you to play without the disc.
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    Thank you BTOG46 for the info, the game works great now.
    Thanks again.
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