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    Can you use a minisub for special missions,(attacking battleships in the habour)
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    i don t think so
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    I think you are thinking of the Japanese. Did the Germans even manufacture mini subs??
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by E.Thang:
    I think you are thinking of the Japanese. Did the Germans even manufacture mini subs?? <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Depending on what you consider "mini"

    Yes, of course, they done, and lot of diferent models........

    Look here under The Boats and Midget Subs.......


    some very "beautiful" and rare models.......
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    The type XXIII, is obviously mini, 3 tons, only two crewmen.
    Two torpedoes loadut. 30 of them were lost due to bad weather, and it was considered unvulnerable because it was so small that depth charges pushed it through the water instead of damaging it. Although the crew got shaken...

    I think that being too light was her main problem, that's why bad weather crushed it so often...
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    Good link!

    I remembered the "manned torpedo"-sub (designation "Marder"). I got a few pics of it. Scary thing to drive, but afaik it was only used in the baltic sea.
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    um i dunno if an of the one that have been mentioned are it, but there was a sigle seat german sub armed with two torpedos, there is still one working in a museum somwhere
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    As I know, mini subs didn't scored any relevant success.

    Most of them were lost at sea by technical failures.
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    Ooops... it seems that I did a mistake, the Type XXIII is a coastal u-boot, too, but it was not the one I was speaking about... I meant a midget u-boot. The one wich fittes more or less to the description I made was the Elefant... but I don't remember where I readed it.
    It is not that one, of course, because it did not came operational.
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