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    this don\'t make no sense!
    Sparx has been right all along. I checked, rechecked, and made one final check. You can indeed increase net speed MUCH higher than before without negative effects.

    Kudos to Sparx for sticking to his guns. He earned this post.

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    sackcloth & ashes
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    Good stuff. Not everyone would have heavy enough balls for a post like that.

    Next on Ubi.com - the terrifying truth behind .. icecream.

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    Right, well I can admit I got lost in all the technical counter arguments on the other big thread. I am a broadband user, and the default netspeed in my ini file is


    I'm just going to leave it right there, as I understand it most or all hosts will have their speeds set below that, and the host's speed will over-rule mine.

    I trust that won't make the world end.

    Was entertaining though, kudos to you all for your dedication to a pleasurable net experience for all.

    Cheers, Spinner
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    Baldie while I agree with you and Sparx of the ability to change the net speed, that never was the question on my end as I have reguarly changed and advised to change.

    My issue is players increasing their speed to a higher value than their connection can sustain in upload/download over time. If they do not know their actual max sustainable value they should not change it.

    Yes the host can set a max value for connection speed...the default is 5000 and that is what I use
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    BTW in the other thread people were talking about spawn stutter...here's what I've found so far on that.

    ok we all know for the most part to place static AC on the map for all flyable planes available to help reduce this. But when a user selects a skin that comes with the sim (not a downloaded custom skin) other than default the skin is added to the cache (not net cache) at a total of 1024kb in one shot.

    Here's a good one for hosts to test. Pick the BF 110 for the test.

    Have a user join the game and get airborne while you select the BF 110 on a map that has the version flyable as static AC on the ground. Select the default skin and join ask if there was any stutter experienced, if it's static there should not be any. Now exit to the arming screen and select the wespe skin and join. Ask if there was any stutter (95% of the time there will be) Since the sim adds it in 1 chunk the 1024 is a large hit at once. When added as a skin for download it transfered at the connection rate over time when bandwidth is idle or lower than selected speed needed.

    So in a nutshell skins within the sim cause more issues than custom skins when selected other than default. If AC is not added as static that is why the problem occurs with spawn stutter on all AC.

    I tried setting this line in the conf.ini


    while this did not clear the cache and continually added roundels and numbers when it was called again the stutter was experienced. I'm still testing as to whether this will help fix the issue player side but it does not look likley so far.
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    Kudos man. Takes one hell of a person to make a post like this. I do appreciated that you took the time lastnight to listen to what i was saying. A big ole S~ to you.


    The point that i have been trying to get through all along, uppping your netspeed does not put as much stress on your connection as it used to. The upstream is what we are mainly concerned about here as this is the part of everyones link that is typically the most unstable. With varying changes in netspeed, I have yet to see the upstream go over 3kbps. I have tried all values from 900 to 8000 and made multiples tests of all of them. This is well within the range of everyone connections. Just to give you an example, there are a couple of players on Warclouds that are dialup users. With this new setup i am running, they are able to play with 50+ players without an issue. Even with me forcing their speed when they join the server. So none of these setting i am suggesting will go over anyones max connection rates unless they have a really crappy connection. And if that is the case, then they shouldnt be online anyway .

    So just to recap what i had posted in the other thread, I highly suggest to everyone to make the following changes. Netspeed of 8000 is probably the best value, even for 56k Users.

    1. Goto your Hyperlobby dir and find the file called hlpro.ini. Open this file and scroll to the bottom and find the following section and make the following changes:

    [Forgotten Battles]
    clientRate=8000 <----- this defaults to '3000', change this to '8000'
    ;Determine the client source port. Useful when is more that one user behind the NAT router.
    ;Must be diferent for each user behind the same NAT router
    ;This detecting right IP address for systems with more that one network adapters
    ;Default is 1 (on)
    DetectLocalIP = 1

    2. Next you need to change your game settings incase you join thru direct ip or ASE. This can be done 3 ways.

    A: Run il2setup.exe and goto the network tab and change your speed to ISDN.
    B: Launch the game, goto Hardware/Network and change your speed to ISDN.
    C: Open your conf.ini file and goto the following section and make the following changes:

    speed=8000 <--- make sure this is set to 8000.

    This spawnlag/static plane issues is the next thing i am going to look at extensivly. Here is what I think is another issue we are seeing with this:

    Oleg himself said that we need more ram to play now. 1.2 - 1.5 times more and i think this is where most people are running into the problems. Before PF, we loaded static planes on our maps and it **** near removed all spawn lag. Using the exact same maps in PF did not yeild this same result. I have noticed that players with 512 or less ram are suffering worse then others. It would seem that even though we are loading the statics on the maps, that their system is still dumping the textures to the pagefile. IE: do not have enough physical ram to load all these static planes, so their system is now using the pagefile. With players that have 1 gig of ram, it seems like the same thing is happening. What i am noticing so far when i play, the only time i notice the spawn lag is when someone respawns in a bomber. I believe this is due to the same problem. 1 gig of ram is enought to hold all the fighters statics, but not enough to hold the bombes as well.

    I have not done alot of testing on this as of yet, so i am running on theorys right now. You finding is pretty interesting though. Would have never thought that would be and issue. It makes sense though. If we preload the statics with default skins, and someone uses a skin that come with the game other then the default, then our systems need to read from the skin from teh disk when the player spawns. This is the evil thing that causes the spawn lag . Now, add in teh factor that maybe you do not have much ram left when this person spawns in a non-default skin, and your system has to write to the pagefile to cache the default skin, then read from the disk to load then other skin. Double whammy . As i said, need to do some more testing.

    One last time i would like to S~ Baldie for his time in this.

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    Could I humbly request that you advise us what settings you would like us now to change as to quote AWL_Spinner...

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> Right, well I can admit I got lost in all the technical counter arguments on the other big thread. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    I know that you can now change some of 'our' settings when we join your server, but is there anything in the HL .ini or IL2 .ini files that you would like us to change?



    Edit... Disregard as I have just seen that you and I have posted at the same time with what I was requesting!
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    Sparx . . . what advice would you have for smaller coop & DF rooms users & hosts ?

    is setting the same netspeed of any use for someone joining/hosting a 10 person coop/DF room ?
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    Its not really a matter for smaller rooms. The 28.8 speed should be just fine up to 30 players or so. This is up to the admin to figure out based on their avaible BW. I would assume that at any given time that most of your players can pull 3k/sec and use that to determine how many players you can host. So my suggestion for the host would be to set their netspeed to 3000 and i would still suggest that the players set their ini's as i have outlined above.

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