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    Click here for new ResidualVM-based installer for OS X!

    The old cider-based installer is no longer available.
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    Ambitious and impressive; also highly useful, no doubt, for the intended users. Congrats, Gannet7!
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    Thanks. It did take some time to put together but having already proved the concept with Myst IV it wasn't too difficult to do it again
    (Not that anyone around here has even mentioned Myst III on Lion, but hey, here it is)
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    This is fantastic - I especially created an account to say thank you. I have have a very soft spot for all the Myst games except the 5th and last one...), and have usually managed to get them running despite the passing of time. Exile has always been too problematic to play until your Universal installer. I have both Myst III and IV installed now!
    On a wee down note, the cut animations don't work - I hear the audio, but things like the Tusk link books coming down from the ceiling, or going up and down in the main Tusk lift etc again don't work. Small button-press type animations, just not the big ones. Shame, but I think the game is still do-able.

    All in all great effort - and I'll keep my eyes peeled for updates if any.

    For your information, my computer is a late 2009 macbook, running Lion 10.7.3 (11D16), with the 4-disc retail copy of Myst III, and the DVD retail Myst IV. I'll leave Riven on my iPhone...
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    Glad you like it, and thanks for the report! Unfortunately I can't reproduce the problem myself. I don't actually have the 4-disc set so I haven't really tested that but as far as I know the only difference is which languages are available. In any case, without being able to reproduce it there's not a lot I can do here I'm afraid. But with Edanna currently being broken on 10.7 anyway, the animations may be the least of your worries. At this stage, I'm not particularly hopeful I'll ever be able to fix that :/
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    Thanx for the engine running Lion - however my speed - MBP 2.88 17"
    8gb Ram 1tb hdd 7200rpm. Temp getting too high?
    Any ideas!
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    Yeah, that's expected I'm afraid - the cider engine does suck up your resources. Shouldn't really be a problem though.
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    Wow! It was easy and it worked! Perfect for my little Snow Leopard MacPro. Fantastic! I never thought a solution would actually work!
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    Force Windowed Mode?

    I have been unable to get command+return to change the game to windowed mode in 10.6.8, is there a way to force this setting in any of the preference files?
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    Hi pyrokld,
    The windowed mode is only available in the Cider version, which runs on 10.7. I don't think there's any way to make the normal version run in a window.
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