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    In light of recent revelations, just wondering if the brilliant GWX team will be resurfacing and continuing the refit of SH4?

    Vielen Dank.
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    In light of recent revelations, just wondering if the brilliant GWX team will be resurfacing and continuing the refit of SH4?

    Vielen Dank.
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    Now that would be some GOOD news.

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    I would see a greater need for SH5. Besides the much discussed DRM (which I do no longer care about) SH5 will need two more years of war and maybe some other cool stuff.

    If the GWX team decides to go for SH5 I might apply for membership.
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    It's too bad that we have to count on people to fix it to make the "sim" good enough to enjoy. And they are the one's who don't get anything out of it really other than to play the great game that they finished.
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    There is a need for a valid replacement for SH3, ....which is not “aging well”. It suffers from compatibility issues with the newer versions of Windows, and its graphics are dated.

    ….But in spite of the problems, SH3 provides a quality gaming experience that is still the best North Atlantic simulation we have! ……Any replacement has to be a GREAT simulation first and foremost: …..”Eye Candy” is no replacement for content!!

    Unfortunately, I now doubt that SH5 can “fill the bill”! ……It looks to me like UBI has gutted it in an effort to make it into a more generic game, (with maybe a “console” in its future) ….and that is simply not what I want.

    I think it’s entirely possible that a re-worked SH4 might be a better SIMULATION than SH5 will ever be!

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    I complained alot about SH5 and my disappointment but somehow I a sick of this whining.

    I could imagine that SH5, after some adjustment, will feel great, and the whining will stop (about the 1943/boat-type issues). Of course the DRM-thing might still be an issue, but what if the game is actually not so bad?

    I hear a lot of "eye candy" here and "dumbed down game" there, but I do not know any facts to really support these statements.

    Maybe SH5 will be good at some parts and be worthy of a cool MOD-extension. We'll see.
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    If SH5 does turn out to be just "eye-candy" at least we can hope that it will have the capacity to be improved in relation to gameplay.

    SH3 was, in my opionion, not very realistic in the stock version. It wasn't exactly "arcady" but there were a lot of issues that made it not so much of a sim. Then with the mods most of that was improved dramatically.

    Now even though the "sim" part of SH3 was improved the graphics were mostly the same. Which is fine for me and most other sim people. But if you want more graphic and sound FX there isn't much that you can do with the game. Sure new textures and smoke effects were great. But There is only so much that the modder can change.

    I hope the latest installment brings new possibilites. I don't know why the game appears to be focused on graphics, because data and historical accuracy are much easier to produce, at least from what I have experienced. But that is what the common consumer wants. If you look at the trends in gaming - the SH series, especially today, is WAYYYY out there. People don't want a thinking challenge that they have to become history nerds (like myself) to understand. They want to turn on their 360's and shoot some Nazi Zombies. Blame the public for the trend, not UBI.
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    Well IMO Silent Hunter V will be a interresting and will give a new approach of sub sim : living the experience of commanding a sub with details, from the inside.

    Yes the timeline is short and only one sub is weak, but it matches another vision of what a simulation can be.

    I do not think that it will be arcadish for console players, face it, who may be interrested in a sub sim anyway? Not that much people.

    About modding, the devs know that their game isn't going to please the usual silent hunter public so they manage to make the game more open, like giving the possibility to modify the shaders for example. That's a big improvement in retail video game policies, friendly modding style.

    Wait and see, and yes good graphics is always important. It makes a game sell and pleases the gamer. We just hope they don't forget too much the game design aspect!
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    I cant wait , I just want my New SILENT HUNTER 5
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