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    7 43.75%
  • Skirmish

    9 56.25%
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    Originally posted by saby72:
    Educheli sings.
    My Team; Rekii, Ishmat, Educheli, Sabiondo
    Nice I will let you know when I have the date and time I'm hoping soon but some people still in school so I'm guessing by the end of this month
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    Sign me up!
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    Originally posted by BioHydro:
    Sign me up!
    Do you have a team of 4?
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    I will play with either of my two facitions that is needed to make the teams an even number.

    DOBERMAN01 - Russia Team
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    Originally posted by JTF_ClonE_:
    Some say it is fixed .... others say we are working on it. ! ( WTF )

    Basecally they say eny day now ... i should be getting a brand new one .
    As long as TOW is down im not so fustrated.
    Ques whos getting a brand new PS3 today! :P
    Cant wait to be in TOW
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    Hey I will speak to some of the guys see if we can get a team. when is it going to start.
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    Originally Posted by eagle_eye516 Go to original post

    combine tournaments with us!! its a new war!!
    ur about 2 years to late for this 1
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