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    In case pepople wonder this is a legit not ofical patch. So is safe to use.

    If you need more asurance just ask for it. I recomend download and use it.

    I have done so.
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    I'll have to try the patch, those long AI turns drove me mad in the TotE campaign, I might actually get round to finishing it.
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    It does seem to crash at times, other than that it is awsome. Its much faster than the original AI and actually makes the game playable. Thanks Quantomas, I cant wait for newer versions.
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by BTOG46:
    I'll have to try the patch, those long AI turns drove me mad in the TotE campaign, I might actually get round to finishing it. </div></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Good to have the famous official first whisky taster on board.

    You might also consider to wait playing the TotE campaign. There might be an effort to reenvision the TotE campaign, as briefly discussed in the Heroes Community Modders Workshop -

    The idea is to tweak the maps to have a more beautiful strategic contest for strategic locations and leverage, instead of this type of mission where you just have to build an army to beat garrison X.

    I hope that this idea gains some momentum, this effort would most likely need help from a couple of directions to happen.
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    Just impressive, it's a really nice improvement and an astonishing work. The couple turns I've played with the patch have been impressive, really good job AI is now bearable ^^
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    Thanks znork for placing a link in the Heroes VI forum, which indeed would be the prime focus of fans now.

    As for the source of the reported crashes, the tests of this build here on Windows XP machines on a clean installation of ToE, produced very rarely a crash. Particularly the build released is very stable. I suspect that people are using Windows 7, or some other mods. In any case the cause needs to be pinpointed.

    If you report a crash, please note your operating system, the Heroes version you are running and the mods you have installed. No dxDiag please, just a couple lines with the above information to help home in on the cause.

    In the meantime, please don't use the ai mod on Windows 7. There is also a known issue with the cursor in windowed mode.

    @Kartabon: thank you. The motto from your signature is true, if we realize its spiritual dimension. If you can imagine something, you have made the first step to have it come true.
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    I've been praying for one of these for ever...

    Thanks a lot to the creator.

    I have to ask if it's intentional that whilst the original exe will still launch my game at the correct rez, this AI exe wont? The ui elements still appear horizontally stretched slightly.
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    We are currently starting a discussion in which direction its fans would like to see H5 evolve. This includes game features, advanced AI, the production of content (maps & campaigns) and an extended modding interface.

    You are invited to join us. The idea is to take H5 to new heights. There are additional tools and resources. The thread is located at the Hero Community Modder Workshop. If you like we can open a dedicated thread here as well.

    It appears that some players were unlucky that the AI mod crashed because there is a multicore/synchronization/timing issue on some configurations. We are working to resolve this.

    At any rate, you can try out the AI mod. This AI mod does not alter your current Heroes installation. It's simply another binary file that you copy and execute. If it doesn't work on your PC, you can simply return to your official installed version and let the AI mod rest until we have resolved the issue.

    @Rel-V: This is the ToE 3.0 issue that has a slight stretch of the picture on widescreen monitors.
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    Aaaah, I thought 'great, simply fix!' but when I tried to install the 3.1 patch it was already installed...

    In game says "Version: 3.1 ai mod"
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    Tried it. Simply kicks ***, thank you, I fell in love with the game
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