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    When you ask the sonarman to give exact distance to target he just replys no target selected???

    How do I select targets? The only thing that I can think of is locking them with the periscope.

    There is no word about "selecting" targets in the manual.. and there is no key mapped for selecting targets on the keyboard layout that follows the game package..

    Please help me..

    Thanx in advance.
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    Lock onto a target with the UZO or the Scope
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    By locking you mean pressing the L key, og the lock button on the periscope(UZO)

    If i DO lock a target as that, and I ask the sonarofficer to give exact distance, he replys "no target selected"...

    Why is that...
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    Yes, I know what you're asking!

    When on the hydrophone screen and you click ping, although you may hear something it must show up on your notepad up top.

    It will say: Unknown, Merchant, or Warship.

    If it just has a dash, you will get the response, no target selected.
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    So what you're basicly saying is that I "select" targets with the hydraphone..?
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    No, not exactly. When you turn the wheel to change direction of the hyrdophone, on the same screen your notepad will say what's making the sound. You don't have to actually select the target, if the type shows up on your pad it's already selected. Note: it's only selected to ping for range, nothing else.
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    My question is I sometimes can SEE a target on the attack scope but my sonarman hasn't acquired it yet so it doesn't get marked on my map and the data for the TDC isn't there and I can't lock-on to it. Do I always have to wait for sonar to acquire it ? Can I "force" the target to appear on the map ?

    It seems wrong that I can see a target in front of me but I'm prevented from locking-on to it.
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    I'm not sure about manual targeting for the TDC, haven't tried it yet. But unfortunately you cannot force your sonarman to track anything even though you knows it's there and you could hear it on the hydrophone.

    The best is probably to go to a deeper depth and try to be as quite as possible so your sonarman is able to pick it up.
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    You can tell the sonar man to track the nearest target...that is if he can hear it. He must be deaf...because I can find a whole bunch of targets when I do it myself...which he always seems to miss. Maybe thats because when I do it I submerge and turn the engines off.
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    You need to find the target using the hydrophone and then select whether its a merchant warship etc and select the tick button to select it as a target. From then on you can tell the operator to contntrate on it and can ask for a range to target. Its probably becuase your men arent very experienced.
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