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    Originally Posted by Hortey Go to original post

    I play airsoft with 2 guys that used to be navy seals. I've seen them both sprint this way, you don't need a firm grip on a weapon when you are sprinting because what idiot tries to shoot when he's sprinting? I suspect you want the arm pumping for extra speed and balance, I don't know why they sprint oddly but holding a weapon is not a fluid human thing to do. Spec ops members do things because it works, if feels right, and it gives then an advantage. I've been told that once there was a need for one guy to separate from the team and scout or something, he gave his weapon to another member so that he wouldn't get slowed down and caught before making it back and only had his pistol (holstered) for protection.

    Sprinting is not something soldiers really do except between cover, and away from danger. When you are holding your weapon ready to fire, it can only slow you down... too many people are brainwashed to think that sprinting is what you do when you don't see any enemies around you.... like it's how everyone moves.
    It's exactly what I said.

    There are several vids of SEALs on youtube showing them run the EXACT same way. It feels right and far more practical than the "Tacti-cool" sprint they have all characters doing nowdays.
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    Originally Posted by DanHibikiFanXM Go to original post
    In all my time in the military I have never seen anybody run with only one hand on a weapon and with it pointed to the sky. There are reasons to do it I guess (certain reloading techniques, avoiding the flagging of teammates, etc.) but it...doesn't look right especially if the reason is trying to avoid flagging others. The reason I say that is because sometimes it looks like the characters stumble a bit or run too low and end up with the weapon pointing forward-ish?

    The only other reason I can maybe think of is, well, I've never seen any other running animation like it. Maybe it's a uniqueness thing? Who knows...either way the running animation is a bit goofy looking.
    I agree my friend brother is current seal in Virginia and says they would never run like that so ubi please fix not tryin to see that funny *** run while I'll play
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    The animation varies depending on your class. It still has the old GRAW swagger and that must stay.
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    I think that Ubisoft should change the way you look while you are sprinting with your gun. I think it should look a little like the way you run in Gears of War 3.

    Kind of like this picture:
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    Originally Posted by FistyMcBfPunch Go to original post
    I think that Ubisoft should change the way you look while you are sprinting with your gun. I think it should look a little like the way you run in Gears of War 3.

    Kind of like this picture:
    please god, anything but the GoW3 run animation.
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    Running with one hand off the gun is effective in CQC because in real life, you can react better with hand to hand combat with one hand ready to block an attack. It's possible.
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    I found this thread interesting and decided to ask one of my buddies who was in Delta Force and one of my father's friends who was a Navy Seal and currently does contracting work.

    From what I gathered from them both, running with the weapon resting on the shoulder pointed towards the sky has a couple of advantages.

    1. Not shooting your squadmates as the barrel is pointed towards the sky above the head.
    2. Not shooting yourself in the leg with a smaller weapon.
    3. Sprinting is not that common in the first place.
    4. The motion of running with a weapon two handed, pointed downwards, actually puts more strain on the core of the body. Crossing arms over the stomach/chest area during sprint can cause pulling of abdominal muscles and cramps. (surprisingly similar to what I was told about cross country running techniques).
    5. It is simpler for a soldier when using the technique in Future Soldier, to get his weapon into a firing position. This is because the momentum from going from sprint to a stopping firing position causes the weapon to effortlessly fall into the soldier's other arm as he brings it up.
    6. Soldiers have a tendency to look down at their weapon when bringing it up into firing position, possibly losing proper sight on target. The "falling into place" motion of the gun dropping (from momentum), allows a soldier to keep his head up and eyes on target before firing.
    7. In CQC situations, it is much easier to transition into melee combat with one hand free (possibly holding a knife if a carbine or smg is used).

    Now that's only two opinions from two different professionals in three different fields (DF, USNS, Contract). Not saying this is fact, but I felt their reasons were logical to me so I thought I'd share.
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    something like this would look a lot better Ubisoft already had it right i think
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    so far in terms of attention and overall decision, it seems the declining end is taking the lead in terms of changing the animation; perhaps the survey should undergo a modification to specifically focus on one aspect of the animation.
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    I cast my vote for no. I know if a real person ran like that they could lose their gun on somthing as simple as a branch .. but the ghosts are using their off hand for climbing and other things. Plus .. I don't want to hear another delay over an animation.
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