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    Ruse in my eyes is a pioneering game that should have a sequel because it is a game that makes the player feel more like a real military commander because in real life you wont always know the units that you are facing without recon, every unit has a strength and a weakness e.g the Siegfried blockhouse is good vs all ground targets but is weak against air units etc but there are many improvements that could be made to make this awesome game into one of the strategy gods like age of empires here is the list of improvements i would make.

    1. Better graphics and unit detail this coupled with a greater zoom zooming in up to level to 3rd person level would and most probably could attract more buyers

    2. All upgrade-able units stay when upgraded so you can choose weather to build the stronger upgrade units or their weaker predecessor.

    3. Each nation has a 'ultimate weapon' for instance if ubisoft adds railroads to their maps the Germans can build the massive 'DORA' railway cannon or japan can from their airbase deploy the deadly ocha kamikaze rockets and so on

    4. in idea no 3 i mentioned railroads and what i mean is that is that each nation can build railroads to wherever needed to speed up economy or transport infantry or tanks etc and that you can build roads so you can choose were to build a structure

    5. infantry could use an upgrade such as sniper squads or anti tank teams could ad variety to the small list of infantry in R.U.S.E

    6. Some units should have a special ability such as for normal infantry they should be able to dig in and make foxholes or maybe for anti tank infantry they should be able to lay anti tank mines to deny armor to pass that area without receiving allot of damage

    7. units should have skill levels and what i mean by that is in real warfare battle-hardened units are more effective than newly created units
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    First may I say I have read through the posts and I must say everyone has made good points about what should be added in the next RUSE game. However, there seems to be major disagreement in what should be in it. I'm sorry to say there is no simple answer as one item may please one crowd while ticking off another. I may have a final answer to these quarrels. Add everything (don't freak out just keep reading and listen to my suggestion) from boats and nuclear bombs to sniper squads and railroads but add an option to the game menu where you can select/deselect any item from game play and a "save" for default setting (for those people who know the will never play with nukes, boats, etc...). That way people can play as they want in a game whether if they want to play with recon or without, with nukes or without, with a hundred units a person or 30 units ......

    I also believe New campaigns are good ideas such as Pacific and Cold War. But I also believe that these should be optional campaigns rather so anyone who doesn't want to play them doesn't have to. I think customs maps are a great ideas but will never come to reality as people will abuse this and make a map where they have the advantage. I cannot honestly see anyone making a map where they have a fair chance as much as the other players. I know you may hate this idea and say "I'l never do that" but just because you won't doesn't other people will follow your lead. I know your pain at this because it was a big wish of mine to develop custom maps but I know I will abuse it. Rather I think a random map generator should be added where it balances out and develops new and unique maps or just more variety in map selection.

    Final topic of controversy is game modes and new factions. I think new game modes will be quite new and a good change from normal game play. New game modes should require specific tactics instead of just beating the enemy to a pulp. One very popular one I came across while playing only is Civil War where players would use France as it has light stationary artillery and light infantry and fight in open field battle. Other ideas like king of the hill, capture the flag, and some other classics would be nice additions. An idea I came up with is zombies for ruse. I know this sounds a little far fetched but many people like zombies and I personally think i would be a neat little addition (you may think otherwise). New factions would be nice as well but I can't see any other counties that took as much roll in ww2 as the ones already added.Sure new factions may be nice but I can't see any new factions that affected role of history available.

    I would like to point out this article is just my opinion on the matters at hand and are open to discussion. I ask though that you please come back with a intelligent, non insulting response. I'm just stating my opinions not forcing them upon you and I will not acknowledged any response that insults me either with mild or harsh words. Have fun gaming! Take care and God Bless!
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    hmmm still waiting for number 2

    heilcoper and boats ? make it more, more and more ?
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    i think they should do another d-day mission but one where you get to do the beach landing and maybe drop paratroops into the towns they dropped into in real life because they shew the beach landing in the trailer then we could not do it wat was soo dissapointing
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