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    Having the option like Total war of campain map and battle map. I am bored by the concept of story based stagey games where there is very little stagey involved. It will be interesting to be in the shoes of Hitler or Stalin making and braking alliance declaring war on nations build and upgrading your industrie to help war effort now that’s stagey
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    Japan is a fun faction but like people said they will be like the Italian. Their only good unit are in the sea. China should not be put into the game period. They not powerful at all. They be like the Italian but have very or no tank and only plane are the un-research USA fighter. So basically pick china and try to infantry rush if fail resign. Sea battle need a lot of re-balancing and reworking of current game play.
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    New faction will not make game any interesting. They need to make this game more then just anther stagy game where every maction they will ask u to Defend a rode or take a town/city or blow something up.This is getting really boring. I really hope they make campain map and battle map like total war.
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    Most of these ideas would turn it into a different game, but Jap vs Nat Chi/British India would make a nice expansion pack.
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    Nice ideas but the game JUST came out and your already hoping for a sequel?

    These changes can be added in a patch or DLC. There is No need for a new game
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    Hey Eugen, if you actually manage to get Ubi to make a sequal, do it with modern warfare technology or in a cold war setting.

    I bet it will sell better. WW2 + RTS is so dead...
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    I strongly believe that R.U.S.E. should include a bonus campaign as the Axis changing history. Also railroads and pacific maps is a good idea i will admit this possibly even certain battles like Stalingrad, Moscow, Definetly KURSK, the Caucaus campaign, anything like that. Also id like to see larger armies and an automatic naming feature like if i have 20 tanks it is a Corps and it gives it a name or this feature can be optional. I just believe it might be a nice idea.
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    I 've only spend a few hours with the game.

    There are 2 main areas of complains for R.U.S.E

    First is the controls :
    Selection and commanding of units :

    Suggest using left mouse click for selection of troops and right mouse click for executing commands.

    There are a few occasions that I accidentally execute a move command when I actually wanted to select troops or vice versa.

    Also, the troops do not maintain selected, so if you accidentally executed a wrong move command, you need to select them again. Which is not very convenient.

    Correct me if there are some things I didn't know has I just started playing this game.

    2nd is the UI.

    Realized Ubisoft games have very bad User interface.
    The UI is ******ed... did they hired interns to do the job ?

    The buttons are too squarish and insufficient design thoughts has been put into designing the UI menus.

    There are too many unnecessary screen transitions.
    Under battle mode, I believe there is enough space to put a terrain selection instead of making it into another screen.

    In terrain selection screen, The arrows at the side are too small to click on when changing terrains. Should have allow the user to click on the left and right terrains.

    I cant help but feel frustrated using the UI.
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    I would like to see some 3 vs 3 maps on a medium to large scale come in a patch.

    As to Ruse 2, I would like to see them do the Pacific with all those battleships, aircraft carriers and landing assaults. Maybe an Island hopping campaign.
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    I think this game is extremely good. I love it!!! It still needs to work on a few things, but I don't think they should make a ruse 2 for a while, but they should come out with a big expansion pack that contains the following:

    First USA needs foot artillery I cannot tell you how many times I have been pounded by tons of my enemies cheap, hide-able foot artillery, and the only artillery USA is the priest, the m40, and the long tom and all are to expensive to buy in bulk.

    Second, NO NAVAL BATTLES!!??? I mean that is embarrassing, they have ships pounding the land, landing troops and you don't get to use or build any?

    Third, infantry needs to be more powerful or tanks ned to be less one of the two.

    Fourth, The airborne. This is by far my favorite unit. Though it needs to be cheaper, and more powerful, I mean the heavy infantry is exactly the same, but it is more effective against tanks, that needs to be fixed. Also I enjoy making airborne operations and my main problem is they they are found by recon and then ripped apart by tanks, planes or artillery. They should have gliders carrying willies, artillery, AT guns, and AA guns.

    They also need to arm Willies and the Kubelwagon

    They need a Pacific campaign with island hopping and various naval battles

    Lastly they need to have larger maps and a map editor.

    Again this game is superb but it would close to perfect if they added all this
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