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    Seeing as though it's Rememberance Day, I thought I'd forward the latest news from the front.
    Neat little bit of camera wobble for movie makers. It's amazing how much it softens each external shot. Should be out
    on the 18th or thereabouts.


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    Oh, and a gratuitous screenie from me...

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    I have been thinking about trying this out for quite some time.
    From what I've seen, my rig should run this very well.
    What is the best way to buy this sim?
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    Choctaw, your best bet is to download the free 'demo', which is actually the full version, but with only the Spad 13 and Albatros D.Va flyable (http://riseofflight.com/tryrof/en). Try it, see if you like it (I'm sure you will) and then decide on which planes you want - though if you're like me, you'll end up with the lot anyway, so you may as well buy in bulk, for substantial discounts.

    If you only ever buy one plane, I'd say get the Sopwith Pup. It combines rotary-engined weirdness with otherwise-pleasant flight characteristics, and is a good stepping-stone to a Camel or a Fokker Dr.1, both of which give the distinct impression that they were designed to kill the pilot.

    Gratuitous RoF image - fried sausage for breakfast:
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    I think the latest issue of PC Pilot magazine has the free game on disc as well. Handy if you don't fancy the download.
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    Correct, F IV. Well worth the cover price for the disc, and a useful backup.

    Despite initial reservations about online purchasing, I've been won over by RoF's graphical goodness & general saensation of fighting gravity and the wind in an evocative selection of plywood and canvas death-traps (never mind the enemy trying to shoot at you), and can now preach with the zeal of the converted. As mentioned, the 'demo' (actually the full game with two flyables) comes with the SPAD XIII, which is a good, fast fighter - although the Pup is, as Mr West says, very nice to fly. I like the SE5 and Sopwith Triplane, too. The Camel is a bit too unforgiving at my present level of noobness. Time to take another plunge and buy one of those new-fangled head-tracking gizmo's - I never thought I'd say that.

    Did somebody mention gratuitous screen shots?

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    Can. Not. Wait. to get a better PC and yes, after all these years I too am thinking to buy TrackIR. Without it it's so hard to see anything much in RoF.But that's for another day. I just discovered I had an unused copy of Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway. I haven't played an FPS in years and years so it's a hoot.

    Those are beautioful shots all.

    Check out this link - why not build and fly your own WW1 replica? Only about US$10k!
    When the kids are older (these look cool but srriously lethal!)and if I return to NZ I'll seriously consider this.
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    Oh, and a gratuitous screenie from me...
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    Are there any Spitfires innit?
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    Alas no, Monty. But there's always fun to be had with a luvverly pair of Bristols (the FII and FIII versions are modelled)...

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    wow video!
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