Here you go, old sport -

More of a Mick Mannock man, myself -

I wonder what 'refinements' 777 will implement? I'll leave the N.11 alone until the patch (three more sleeps to go, kids!). The N7 is surviveable as long as I don't fling it around too much (still a bugger to take-off, though), and I'm getting to know the N.28 - added guages help.

Well, I'm now the proud owner of a Breguet bomber - after a quick spin, I can report she ain't no Sturmovik, but I made it home in one piece - even if there were a few missing from the aircraft. Have so far resisted the temptation to take up a DVII up again in search of an easier life, but have invested in field mods, 'just in case'. Enjoying the challenge of mastering various rides and spending more time on a few favourites before settling down with the right one. Front runners are the Pup, SE5, Spad XIII and the N.28 (no, really!). The poor old DH2 is proving a tough nut to crack, and whilst I'm very taken with the cockpit view from the Dolphin, I haven't given it much of a try-out yet. As noted previously, I don't feel ready for the Camel just yet - although I've discovered that it will derail a train if you ram it from the side.

Hun-wise I've only tried the DVII (for a moment I thought I'd pressed the 'simplified physics' and 'easier piloting' buttons), the DrI (as Mr West noted, primary design function seems to be killing the pilot) and the 'Trossy DVa (a torque-tastic ground magnet), but those are only first impressions from very brief encounters - I'm sure they'll reveal more in the future. Maybe the DVII campaign with all the 'easy life' settings ticked might be less of a chalenge, but I'm enjoying learning 'the hard way' and will hopefully thank myself for it as I become more proficient - seems like long and winding road sometimes, but I'm getting there. Makes you appreciate the pilots of all nations who did it for real with no 'refly' button all the more.

Oh - look out for German Vunder-veapons...came across this cunning sausage-eater on the noon patrol. Didn't see the blighter until we collided -

A long and methodical enquiry by the RFC's WTF department revealed t'was but a dodgy skin I downloaded - normal service has been resumed...