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    Sick of being told to turn "sideways...like your coach"!

    I don't know if anyone else is having this problem because I haven't really looked over all the threads, but while doing the work-outs, I do just fine on the ones where I am standing but as soon as I have to do push-ups, crunches, etc...just anything from the floor, facing sideways...it keeps saying face sideways like my coach and I get so frustrated that I want to just throw the game out the window! Seriously, I have tried everything. I moved the kinect above my TV, below my TV, on the dresser., to the side...nothing works. I agree with a lot of the other key points I read on this thread as well. The calories are minimally low when doing a total work-out and overly generous when doing the cardio boxing and apps like that. I know I've done more than 25 calories worth of push-ups, mountain climbs, etc in 22 minutes. but I certainly haven't done 80 calories worth of cardio boxing at the pace they set. I love the game and it is one of my main work-outs I do during the day, but my temper cannot handle the lady telling me every dang morning to turn sideways when if I got anymore sideways I'd be backward!!! Any feedback would be great because I'd like to keep using this as one of my work-out routines but I will be switching to something else really quick if I cannot get it resolved.

    Also....I cannot agree more with the comment about having to pay multiple times for this game! I do my work-outs at home because I do not have the money to waste over and over for a gym or some other constant paying work-out regimen! I think it is ridiculous that I have to wait until I get paid...and if I can afford it....to continue some of my work-outs, i.e., toning 30 min...or to access the app that explains some of the work-outs, which I've purchased neither as of right now. If I'm going to spend money, it's going to be to get a different work-out game that doesn't require me to listen to the monotony of that female voice that grates on my nerves when I know I'm doing the work-out right or to have to pay more money when I already paid 59.00+tax when this first came out.

    Sorry, just frustrated and hoping someone has the magic answer to shut the lady up when it comes to being sideways!
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    I notice the game resets the Kinect before it even starts. So even if you had it perfect the day before, the Kinect camera will pitch downward or upward, seemingly at random.

    At the first sign of it missing me, I pause and adjust the Kinect camera settings. I will generally have it pitch down a touch, so it can capture the floor area better. The downside of this is that it will occasionally not recognize biceps curls that go high (say on a lunge) but it does so much better with situps, pushups, planking and of course fast/slow mountain climb which I find to be the worst for the annoying voice telling you to get on the floor or just not counting anything you do.
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    Couple of tips;

    - My body doesn’t seem to be tracked properly when I’m doing Floor exercises
    Make sure you're facing sideways, like your coach. If the tracking is still not working, stand up for a second and go back to the floor in the same position as your coach.

    - It seems like the game is having a hard time registering my movements, am I doing something wrong?
    This could be a Kinect tracking issue. First, it’s important to make sure your Kinect device is set up properly, taking into consideration distance, space and the amount of light in the room. Make sure your avatar appears in the dedicated work out zone and that you don’t stray from this area during workouts. Another thing to remember is that rhythm is important. If you are not in rhythm with the movements you won’t get the full reward.
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    I would welcome an option to pick my own set of exercises. For example, I want to do uninterrupted 30 minutes workout but nothing on the floor (not suitable space) or with jumping (night & neighbours below). It's impossible to do such more complex workout right now and sometimes I rather skip something longer because of these exercises included.

    There are some minor issues (e.g. running scenery is plain; a real panorama would make it way more entertaining) but nothing serious and I like the application. More of these!
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    Has anyone from UbiSoft addressed the OP issues? I don't see anything!
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    More bugs

    While I want to start by saying that I really love this program and use it several times a week, here are some problems I've identified that may help you with future versions:

    1. No running counter of how much time I've spent exercising that session. If I am doing a bunch of strength exercises, I have to add up the time spent in my head - not a deal breaker, but at the end of every individual segment, it would be great to see how much time I've already spent during that day's session.

    2. No previews of some to the Shape and Tone exercises. Many of the basic ones are just that- basic- but a tutorial for some of the more extreme ones would be helpful-- what to watch out for, where to put your hands, how low/high to keep your hips, etc. This was especially true for Boot Camp, to the point where I gave up on it because I wasn't sure how to do most of the exercises beyond push-ups.

    3. Kinect is often inaccurate: I know I don't do the Z-step perfectly, but it will give me a 100% score every time. Other exercises, it won't recognize particular hand gestures or kicks, even though I know I am doing them correctly. This is particularly true with kicks and punches on my right side. I have tried moving the kinect but this does not seem to help and the room is big and there are not any obstructions.

    4. Floor exercises: Face the same way as your coach does not allow you to see the screen, so you don't know if your timing is correct unless you are doing the exercise incorrectly by keeping your head turned the wrong way (you should be facing forward during crunches, push-ups, etc.) - and I have the same issue, that it often does not seem to see me. Having you face the TV would seem to be a better way to go here.

    5. Exercises repeated across body parts: I've tried to break up resistance training into legs/arms and glutes/back but I find that a lot of the exercises are identical and so doing them on back to back days backfires. It can't be that hard to not duplicate routines.

    6. Water breaks and the snarky voice: If I step out of frame to take a drink between sets, I'd rather not hear "hey, where do you think you're going?" every time.

    7. Hard to plan out a routine: It would be great to know what exercises are in each routine before you're in the middle of it. That would make it a lot easier to plan the days routine. I've pretty much memorized them by this point, but that took a while and I'm not always right.
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