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    Hi all,
    if you're getting the ominous "There's a problem with Settlers 7" message when linking the game to your facebook account, then please try this link instead of the one provided in-game.
    It should allow you to generate the authorisation code that you have to enter in the Contacts->Facebook menu.

    Should you give it a try - please let me know if this works out for you!
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    Tried it! Worked fine! Thanks very much, been struggling with that one for months
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    Thanks... worked like a charm. I reckon it had something to do with account privacy settings on Facebook?

    Thanks for the good link. Might want to add it in-game since not everyone is smart enough to search forums?
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    Thanks, I glossed over this as it's been so long since a new sticky post. This solution works fine here

    Edit: Perhaps add this to the General Discussion too? Give it more exposure to people seeking information on the feature.
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    Worked for mee 2 thanks
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    Thank you worked for me too, just spotted this thread now !
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    Not works for me
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    The link above worked for me at one time. Then at some point my account became unlinked from facebook. Neither of the links works for me now.
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    why does the Link ingame and the link here to facebook not working ?
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    It doesn't work for me either. It says: "An error occured. Try again later."
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