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    Please try to play the intro movies with your windows media player.


    Do they run?

    Install this driver for your graphics card:

    And you are probably low on RAM for playing with Vista.
    RAM is extremely cheap these days...

    Did you (Could you) switch Turbo Cache of at your Nvidia Control Panel?
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    I put xp in and it works great. I was really getting tired of dealing with vista anyway.

    Thanks for all your help!
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    If you were running the game with 4xFSAA it may cause a complete blank screen, that's what happened with me. For some reason, 2x, 8x, and 16xFSAA all run fine.....4xFSAA made the screen blank.
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    what worked for me

    I just got this working and thought Id share, mostly bc a lot of the solutions that worked for others did not work for me (like XP compat, or win7 compat)

    I had to modify sh3.exe and sh3_g.exe the following way (using the win trouble shooter failed)
    - change compat to Vista SP 2
    - change for all users
    - unclick run in 640x480
    - oddly, make sure "disable fullscreen optimizations" is unchecked
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    Thanks for passing along a fix that worked for you. Hope it helps others.
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