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    I would say wow is an understatement. That is a shed load of work, I would have like to see a "work in progress" for this!!
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    my last 12 hours

    this one im selling it to my mom for 10 euro of material humm maybe 15

    i plan to sell them on ebay:

    painting hits in ebay: 50000
    sculptures hits on ebay: 2000

    painted sculptures : 63
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    First decent light for a while couldn't resist any longer.

    Re-did a Reaper Mini I wasn't that happy with and finished the squire/pageboy that came with her...

    One more Reaper to go then back to the placcy knights - unless I open a plane or a tank...
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    Haven't done any modelling over the last few weeks. Too much stress at work so I prefered some "brainless" things to spend my freetime on. But I did buy a few things for better photos ...

    The base for my Panzer IV F is coming along nicely.

    The figures require a bit more work ... this is just to check how it's going to look like once it's finished.
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    Looking good!
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    The figures require a bit more work ... this is just to check how it's going to look like once it's finished
    I think the whole thing is looking pretty good, love the ground work
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    Nice work on that tank, Thor. I keep chewing on the idea of getting one, but I feel I would need to make a diorama like that to make it interesting. I'm just too much of a plane-guy at heart.

    Nice work on the figures LF. I've tried my first figure - Airfix's common RAF pilot that appears in every kit. It's HARD! You're doing admirably.
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    Well, I've finally managed to complete another build. This is the Heller NiD-622 that I posted about earlier.

    As always, critiques are welcome!

    This is my first base. I hope to make more and improve them in the future. Here it is with my Ki-51 that I posted a long time ago:

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    That Frenchie's a beauty! Neat base, too.
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    Yeah both planes gorgeous!
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