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    The arcade version of Oil City can not be completed on the Xbox360. When I get the order to secure the main facility, there are no targets to lock on, but there is enemy fire (FLAK and missiles). The Assault Force doesn't move either.
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    Hi, I noticed when playing survival mode on the Caucasas map that the powerup icon which replenishes your missiles and health is sometimes invisible when playing by yourself or on xbox live even though the powerup is green on the radar map.

    You can even fly through it and still get missiles and health when its green on the map but invisible in the ingame world if you know its location! I have seen this bug happen a lot!
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    It seems that the A-10 does not unlock after redeeming it in Uplay.
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    The achievments do not unlock in co-op. That includes the achievement for playing a mission in co-op.
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    In 3rd person view, the camera sticks when banking, causing the camera to be angled from the side towards the aircraft nose.

    Last two bugs are for XBox 360 NTSC

    BTW, to the previous poster saying that there should be more game modes, like search and destroy, read the description for each map.
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    has anyone else had an issue loosing sound such as missile lock and other gun noise in the latter levels of the campaign?
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    Hi, playing around with the custom loadout option in HAWX 2 I've noticed that if you select the item 2x Unguided Bomb it will only actually equip one bomb to your plane. Visually you'll get two, and it'll cost the weight of two bombs, but you'll only get the ammo load you'd get if you chose 1x Unguided Bomb for half the weight.

    All of the other options give you the appropriate number of the weapon selected, so 2x Precision Bomb will give you two bombs, 4x Unguided Bomb will give you four bombs, etc.

    Edit: This is for the Xbox 360 version.
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    Ok, so to fix the issue with achievements, we all had to delete our save files. My pre-order bonus is no longer on my account, and the code shows as used. I lost my pre-order bonuse because of UBISOFT's failure. I want a new code.
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    Reported by burnerbowie:

    Just thought I would post to tell you that the Peripheral Vision achievement on the Xbox 360 is permanently bugged and will not unlock.
    If it is indeed possible to unlock then please clarify the exact speed we should be going because we have tried flying over 2500 km/h which is faster than Mach 2 and no achievements have unlocked. There is also a problem with the Assistance off achievement as it is not possible to unlock if you have started co-op with somebody else. The only way this achievement will unlock is if you delete your save and start a brand new single player story over with just you and then you fly for 60 mins in assistance off, However this does not work for the Mach 2 one.
    Please sort this out Ubisoft you had problems like this on the last game and that was never patched so please dont let it happen again.
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    When in co-op lobby, if "Not Ready" is selected, the words do not change back to "Ready." You can still select the option to ready up, but it is a bug.

    I agree with the previous poster, but I have to say that UBI has never been big on achievements. They never add additional achievements with DLC. They probably only put achievements in because it is a requirement.
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