To whom it may concern
I am one of your faithful game fans from China. This year your company work together with Chinese representative BaiYou on Heroes of Might and Magic 6, we were so happy. Last week I bought MM6, disappointedly I found that I canít unlock the hidden elements for not fully connected with your u-play as other Ubi games. I called BaiYou and be told that our Chinese edition canít normally unlock them at all, for your authorization or something deeply set in your program. It means even we buy your suggested European cd-key we cannot use it as normal as your European players.
I bought the most luxury pack among BaiYouís products and this is the first time I bought official edition not from EU USA TW but our MainIand. I donít know the so-called European cd-key is a network password or a set of game which includes game program again but with useful network password. In the first condition I am glad to know whether my Chinese simplified version can be improved or granted if I choose to buy it despite I donít know how and where till now. Basically BaiYou told me NO confirmly. In the second condition, I think your chosen representative BaiYou is a cheater or maybe there is a discrimination against our silly Chinese players!
I think there must be some big or funny misunderstandings. I am looking forward to your reply.

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