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    Make it a wishlist item and not a bug report!

    Hi All,

    Has no one started a wishlist thread before? If anyone has I guess it must have died out. Well, I am going to try and start one here and now and I hope we can fill up the wishing well!

    I have seen a lot of really good wishes and suggestions by a lot of people. But they are spread out all over the place in various threads. I hope that people will post some really good wishlist items and that this thread has a nice long life without dying too quickly. If you have posted a wishlist item in another thread you could go find it and copy and paste to post it in here if you would like.

    I am still fairly new to the game and I am somewhat of a simpleton, so my wishes are pretty simple, lol. But I have seen some pretty complex wishes by the really knowledgable and experienced folks around here! The unfortunate thing to keep in mind about wishes is that it's unlikely they will be fullfilled. But hey, ya never know!

    Some of the ones I list to start off with are ones I have seen other people post about already. But my favorite one is all my own. Ok, let the wishing begin!


    Uzo Notepad pad too bright during low light conditions(especially at night). Needs red lighting at night.

    Course Dial does not allow for exact course management. I would like the be able to put in a course of 50 degrees. Right now, I get 48 or 49 instead, even though I clicked 50 on the dial!

    A better death scene, as many other have mentioned in other threads/posts.

    A Free Camera view that can follow(be attached to) your own sub!

    Here's my favorite one:
    When I am submerged I would like to have the option to have an AI crew member watching out using the 'Observation Periscope'!! Just like they stand watch on the bridge when I'm surfaced. And I would like this with the noise meter implemented if I have it checked in the 'Realism Options'.



    One Tin Soldier
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    Good suggestions there!

    I suggest making the grid markers slightly darker so I dont have to squint in a darkened room with my glasses on just to wonder whether that is AM58 or AM56. That really annoys me.

    I also suggest haveing lots of stationary ships docked in ports everywhere, and some good sized capital ships perminently in Scarpa Flow. I have wondered into ports before while on patrol and found very little, and now we have nets and mines up around them, there is even less reason to go into the ports.

    Also, this really irritates me - while on the Uboat loadout screen, I'd really, really like a way of swapping out all the torpedos to a certain type, so I dont have to change all of them individually from T1s (which I loathe) to T2s (which I love) before every singl mission. So it'd also be nice if the loadout was saved, so I only have to set up my torpedos once, and then they'll go to that configuration automatically before each mission.

    NBetter starting places for patrls would be good aswell. Im afraid I dont allways have patience to manually navigate out of port. This is especially bad for the 2nd Flotilla's french base, where you start faceing inland and a mile away from the harbor entrance. Couldnt you just start in the sub pen closest to the exit?
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    I personally wish more radio activity...messages from HQ, reports from other U-Boots (position, activity), war news (eg France capitulation). Would make the game even more realistic.
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    There is already a big thread HERE

    Please continue there....
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Desslock:
    I personally wish more radio activity...messages from HQ, reports from other U-Boots (position, activity), war news (eg France capitulation). Would make the game even more realistic. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    That would be excellent, especially if you got in radioed orders like in the tutorials, telling you about a taskforce or something that they are reqesting all nearby U-Boats to intercept, etc.
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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by GertFroebe:
    There is already a big thread http://forums.ubi.com/eve/forums?a=t...3&m=9631011703

    Please continue there.... <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Hello GertFroebe,

    I can certainly understand your wish. But, it seems aimed specifically at 'Patch 1.3'. And the last time someone made a post in it was 5 days ago. To me, 5 days since the last post is kind of dead already. Unless your linking it here gives it new life. I didn't even know it existed. This is exactly why I have made this thread, in the hope that it will become a 'generic' wishlist thread not aimed at any specific patch version and that it will hopefully stay towards the front page. I hope you understand. If folks want to go and post in it and bump it up that's great! Again, I do hope this thread enjoys some life and doesn't die out. It's a generic Wishlist Thread not aimed at a specific patch version. Wishes here could be viewed as what we would like to see in SH IV.


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    Ok then...

    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> Here are my suggenstions. Some of them are already suggested by other members, but maybe a few things are new:

    1. Wolfpack tactis with other uboats in Singleplayer (sometimes I think I am serving on germany's only uboat)

    2. Crew rests more (also on stations) while the captain is in his quarter (Or add a 'relax-on-stations-button' into the crew-management, which reduces the stress on crew while long cruises without important events)

    3. Reduce the UZO-brightness at night

    4. Add the "hidden" crew soundfiles to the game. It would improve atmosphere alot! (cheer etc...)

    5. Add resupply

    6. Add a possibility to kick players out of a running multiplayergame (for teamkillers for example)

    7. Multiplayers can take over hosting a game when the original host dies or crashes

    8. Correct max. depths for all uboat-types

    9. Add ability to change all realismsettings seperatly for multiplayer sessions

    10. Crew should be able to be on duty much longer without getting tired

    11. Traffic and anchored ships in enemy an friendly harbors

    12. No welcome party and bunkers in french harbors while french are still our enemies

    13. No patrol areas on land

    14. OCEAN-DEPTH-INFO ON MAP!! Using the echolot while surrounded by enemies is not realistic. Also crashdive in shoal water is not healthy for our boats

    15. Correct the railings on german uboats and other wrong modelled details

    16. Add a delay between the order to man the guns and the moment the guns are manned

    17. It should be possible to man the AA- and deckguns while the watchcrew stays on the bridge

    18. If possible, add a few more detail to the shore near harbors. I missed the "Ehrenmal" in Laboe... also I missed Laboe and other cities at all (just but a few houses there)

    19. Add one more place for officers to rest. Every officer had his own bed on german uboats

    20. Shooting torpedos should only be possible when torpedo doors are opened. That would prevent shooting torpedos by accident by hitting ENTER

    21. Grammophone: Choosing music from a list, would make it much easier to find a title which I want to play

    22. Decorations shouldn't been given without a reason

    23. If possible please finally correct the position of the "Luftzielsehrohr"

    Marc <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>
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    fix the damage control!!!
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    1. Expansion pack for SHIII (to include submarines of other nationalities).
    2. Destroyer Command 3 (with minelayers and minesweepers, battleships and cruisers,etc).
    3. Integration with the FB/AEP/Pacific Fighters series (so that we can fly Condors,Sunderlands,etc).

    All this in a sock to Father Christmas.
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    Good suggestions all! That's a fairly sizable list there Marc and they're all good ones too.

    I know there's more out there people, so post 'em and smoke 'em if ya got 'em! I'm sure I'll think up some more myself.


    One Tin Soldier
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