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    I have this same problem since 4 days, have some one figure out how fix this???
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    another email account

    Friends, I got the game I gave it back and refunded my money. Then again, I bought it with the serial I got another email account. and on the Internet
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    Again, have someone found out some solution on this very annoying issue???
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    YES PLZ someone help Stringfellow !!!!
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    Hi all
    I'm back for the game, unfortunatley the only solution i have found is the new account, ubisoft support can't fix my old account so i had must to create new account, and they gave me new key for that new account.
    So if some one have this some problem, so, sorry but you must to try to contact with ubi support for help, or new key for new account.
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    I have the same problem.... c'mon fix this ridicolous bug
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    Still nothing, ridiculous...
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    Unfortunatley the only solution is create a new account, you must contact with ubisoft support to give you a new key.
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    Same problem, we wan't a solution...
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    2016 ..still freeeezzzees
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