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    I just can not run PF with out solid freezes.
    I am on the 4th un-reinstall now.
    tried several different drivers..no difference
    once I had a: 1607 Unable install shield scripting runtime when I tried to install in safe mode.
    when it freezes it is solid & could be at any time...on reboot, during game play...
    usually says Pf.exe error shutting down ..do you want to send a message to MS...

    Do you want my dxdiag here?

    I have a P4 3.0/2gigs pc3200 ddr ram/ X800Pro/udigy gamer & 400 watt power supply.
    XP Home

    I have tried different (the normal ones) settings, but it doesn't seem to make any difference.
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    Is that card of yours the PCI-Express variety. I have the X300SE and I'm running with no problems.
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    Actually, post your diagnosis in Community Help please.
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