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    Just ensure that you have done all your windows updates, both critical and optional. I found that by doing this my joysticks picked up correctly and functioned without any dead zones.

    I am not advocating a new PC and with a bit of luck this entry would not be deleted and you may get what I am trying to say.

    Good Hunting
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    ok those people with the logitech 3D pro to map your keys in the settings hold your button you want then double click the action while still holding the button and it will change to that button your holding i know its a ****ing stupid idea but thought i might say you guys alot of getting pissed at the game for it. hope this helps only works right after patch 1.02
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    Originally posted by Cold_Air:
    OH YOU ******* WIMP!!!!

    "oh my controller doesn't work... mommy!!!!"

    would you listen to yourself, use a damn keyboard or something.

    nobody wants you hear you nagging so ****
    You are ****ing tool. Flight games should be playable with a joystick. Who gives a **** if YOU beat it with a keyboard. A ****ing monkey can use a keyboard. Moron
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    Impressive. Last Reply is from last year. What a failure!! Ubisoft is really doing things wrong... The worst thing is that there are so many copies to sell in stores of this "game", that anyone would think that this piece of **** is a hit... This really sucks...

    And you Cold_Air, freaking moron, is not my controller that doesnt work: is THIS S****Y GAME, you stupid ***hole...
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    Originally posted by UbiRazz:
    Patch 1.01 has now been released, it's a 57.4Mb download and here are the mirror links:
    <UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>Espace.ch
    Patch Notes
    <UL TYPE=SQUARE><LI>Fixed: some issues with different joysticks functionality.
    The following joysticks where tested successfully: Logitech Force 3D, Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, Trust GM-2500 Predator, Microsoft SideWinder Force Feedback 2, Saitek X45.
    <LI>New Content/Features: the game now has a functioning cockpit view which is accessible using the "Change View" key. In the cockpit view the controls are changed: the follow camera€s functionality is removed, the maneuvering controls change (in order to turn the plane you must roll and pitch the aircraft).
    <LI>The Z800 hardware is now supported in-game. The z800 was tested intensively and no issues were found.
    For the Z800 hardware use there are three keys used to change some settings:
    - F5 - Enable/Disable stereo vision.
    - F6 - Enable/Disable head tracking
    - F7 €" Switch left/right eyes.
    <LI>The multiplayer issues have been addressed. The user will be able to see all the games that are playing at that time, even the ones that have already been started.
    Note: You can not join an already started game.[/list]
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    Can an Update be released to allow 1080p in 16:9 1280x960 in 4:3 is so outdated
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    Update on compatibility.

    -first to the poster above me, I can just select 1920x1080 from the settings menu in the launcher...-


    Pretty much necro-ing this forum, but after fiddling around with the new windows 10 creators update, and after contacting ubisoft about why they removed it from the steam store(to wich their support staff replied within 20 hours!), I do feel the need to share some information on how to get the game running on modern systems:

    - Windows XP: Works
    - Windows Vista: Works with service pack 2 and compatibility mode set to windows XP, you do need a local administrator account to install and run it.
    - Windows 7&8: Install the game to another directory then c:\program files\etc... install it to for instance C:\BA2, set compatibility mode to WinXP SP3, install and run as local admin.
    - Windows 10 RTM: The game will be able to run ONCE, if you unpack directX8 files into your install directory, after that you have to reinstall it to get it running a second time once.
    - Windows 10 with the applied creators update(Build 16275): Install it, and it just works, no fiddling with settings needed whatsoever.

    Now there still is the issue of multiplayer servers from ubisoft no longer running(the xbox360 version still has functional online MP!), but you can use VPN or Tunngle to set up a virtual LAN link with your buddies to fly with one another or against eachother.

    To Ubisoft: The community who has been working on keeping this title playable was a bit saddened that you took it out of the steam store, when now there is an out-of-the-box solution to get the game running again, while we are all very aware that the game is over a decade old bynow, there is no other game with a similar setting, valid flight model(HAWX was too easy) or co-op multiplayer scenario's on the market, the stuff Gajin put out was less polished in every way, and all support was dropped when they came out with WoWarplanes. If you decide to keep it off of steam, please negotiate with Good Old Games for a redistribution, or put it in your own store so new licenses can still be obtained. Ofcourse there are people still interested in a game in a similar style or a strict combat space sim. While you never see a flightstick on the shelves these days, you can get descent HOTAS systems for under 50 USD now from both Speedlink and Thrustmaster through webshops, there is a market, not a large one, but one can always hope...
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