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    Originally posted by jedsa:
    Hi have the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro. Remap your joystick on the game (Balzing angels) Settings. My joystick works 100% now!!! <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-title">quote:</div><div class="ip-ubbcode-quote-content">Originally posted by ogir91:

    thats a good question..how do you remap yuor joystick

    Which joystick do you have? ?
    How do you have remapped all the buttons, x, y, z, axis ?

    Thank you for your help.
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    I repeat, BEFORE the patch 102 (means version 1.01) the definitions for x and y axis were correct, z axis didnt work proper and thrust didnt work at all, but the flying was great that way, now since the x and y axis are declared buttons, IT DOES NOT FLY HARMONICALLY, i have either no directional bahaviour or very powerfull directional behaviour, aiming is impossible!
    Not to mention the sound problems! Dont tell them we didnt need another patch, cause we definitely do! And i tried playing version 1.02 and i do not consider it working! PLZ dont try to persuade me that button 14 for x axis was fine, coz it isnt! It just is not working fine! NONONO!
    If i sell someone a Porsche and instead of the steering wheel give him a role of toilet paper he will most probably be pissed, if then i mount a bottle instead of the steering wheel, that still will piss him off, and if i than say: "But it works fine if u use the bottle that way!" I fear i can feel his boot all the way up in my arse! BECAUSE: It isnt fine! It just sucks!
    So how do you like your cars? What do you do when the quality of your car doesnt match the price? Do you just say: "If i use it as a trash can, it works fine!" or do you ask for something that would justify the price in what way ever? Well, i drive a car, and if there are such major issues as these in BA, then i would not wait ten days, i would not wait one, until i would put that damned thing right in the *** of the guy who is responsible, unfortunately those guys are far away in this case (BA) and the flight ticket would be far more expensive than just a new game. And a car in the *** really hurts, i guess!
    UBI, please (note me still trying to be polite!) work on it a bit, otherwise i really will be sad, this game looks great and i would love to enjoy it! PLEEEEEAAAAASEEE!
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    Has anyone found that the 1.02 patch works with microsoft force feedback 2? I still have problems no acceleration, can't dive or climb!
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    Think of it this way.

    Dive and climb should be buttons (when you go to assign the climb you will pull back on the flight stick and it should give you a button number) I think the pitch right and pitch left should be on the axis, also if you have a grip that twists for rudder control it will show up as a slider. your throttle should show up as buttons as well. I don't know why they did it this way but who cares it works.

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    Thanks I can now Fly using Microsoft Force Feedback 2 joystick. However, it will take me some time to get used to how sensitive the joystick is compared to the mouse
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    Your welcome! Now lets get more people interested in this game!

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    Originally posted by realityforgone:
    Your welcome! Now lets get more people interested in this game!

    I totally agree with you there. I've a website thats dedicated to flight sim community and currently host all the game updates. im also trying to get blazing angels gamers to our site to help and prolong the games life and with a little help this can be so.

    Please feel free to join us on the forums and other parts of the site.

    Heres the url :
    Flying Legends - flight sims to real aviation
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    I have wingman force feedback 3d and got some improvement with the patch but the programm is still unweildly and the controller assignments almost impossible. I did manage to programme button 1 as main weapon but the game keeps asking me to use controls (campaign one) that are xbox console controls I'm sure and I cannot get past campaign 1. Does anyone think that perhaps this disc set sold as PC cd-rom is really an xbox set adapted in too much of a hurry? If this cannot be resolved than judging by the many pc responses this game could recieve the SUCK award lf the decade. Too bad. Jim

    Originally posted by Johnson_Gunnar:
    ok i installed teh patch and now my LT WingMan Extreme 3D has even more buttons mixed up?! And the steering is absolutely unprecise. And the sound has major issues. How do i uninstall the patch? Did you really say the joysticks were tested? Man!
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    Any reasonable gameplayer or game producer should expect that a flying game would be playable with a joystick. The people complaining bought the game with this premise, or they would not have bought it.
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    After reading all this about the patch and joystickes not working and seeing people say otherwise to the ones who have the issue. I am disappointed in the support staff and the people . It is a fact that some joystickes will work and most won't . I simply got around the issue by not installing any of the patches and left it at that. I know Computers well enough to figure out that it will take another patch to fix this issue. For mine works as is without patches and as soon as the game is patched the stick won't work. For those curious to what I have it is the trustmaster 2 with seperate throtle attachment. For what ever reason the game says the stick is all buttons and there is not one thing I can do to change that all the stick and rudder;'s regester as the same button.

    So whatever it is simple fix it. Get busy UBI.
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