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    Hi, I've installed the patch, which has fixed the issue with the plane always rolling. It works with the joystick, the Flight Winder, but now as soon as I start the game, it doesn't go to the plane view, no matter what I set it too resolution wise. It sits there with the view on the ground, and then I say restart from the checkpoint, and I can then see the plane and it controls with the joystick. But, as soon as it says checkpoint reached and what the next checkpoint is, it puts me back at the on the ground scene and I can't see the plane anymore. I can here it fly and I can fire, but that's it. I have a Dell Dimension 5150, Windows XP Media Edition, with Pentium 4, 3GHz and 1Gig Ram. My video card is a RADEON X300 SE 128MB HyperMemory.

    I've resinstalled both the patches and the original game. But still the same issue. Any ideas would be appreciative.

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    Purchased the game today (for my PC - after recommendation by an XBox fan of the game).

    Very disappointed that UbiSoft have distributed a game which does not work with joysticks (I have read all the forum entries, tried all the fixes, downloaded both patches, retried the fixes, all to no avail).

    I have always recommended UbiSoft flight games to my mates, never again. Off to get my refund tomorrow morning.

    I have uninstalled IL2 Sturmovick too - I do not think I can face running it again after this BIG disappointment - I have a sick feeling in my stomach just from contemplating it. I feel really ripped off and let down by my favourite software house.

    Where are the apologies from the developers for letting their fans down? The email replies posted on the forum appear to blame the purchasers for the faults in the game.

    Should they not withdraw this game from sale until they can develop a properly working version - or at least get stickers put on the packaging warning people that the game does not work with joysticks?
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    It's not only the game, UBISUCKS also sucks a lot. I'm very very very disappointed, they think we're Sh***! I didn't find my money on a garbage can! All i want is some respect, if i paid for it, it's obvious that a decent support is nothing more than my right! I'm having several problems with this game, and they just stop answering my emails! THEY MUST BE ASHAMED FOR PISSING OFF THEIR CLIENTS!
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    I am extremely frustrated with UbiSoft right now. I've always enjoyed all their games. I just bought this game today and have found it extremely hard to play. Without patches I could only fly with the mouse (which is pathetic and unplayable). The joystick just does not react like a plane should.

    I patched to 1.02 and now my sound card stutters relentlessly, and the joystick is even worse! My rudder now somehow controls thrust, and God only knows what the other joystick functions do.

    I looked at the joystick mapping, and it all looks like it did before. So who knows what this patch did. I'm just so extremely disappointed in UbiSoft right now.
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    I am extremely frustrated with UbiSoft. I patched to 1.02 and this game is unplayable ! The joystick just does not react.

    This game is a Combat Flight Sim ?
    All other Combat Flight Sim game, have no problem with The joystick.

    Sorry but i don't give you more money in the future.
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    Complete rip off and disregard for your customers UbiSoft. Oh, by the way, all of the comments you have made so far, or I should say lack there of, really shows all of us where you stand on satisfying your customers, never again a game from UbiSoft will I buy, and my website will have warnings and cautions for anyone interested in buying your games as well. I am a Manager at a small place you may have heard of...Gamestop, and I plan on ruining sales to any and all people contemplating the purchase of your game. I intend on leaving the game on the shelf, but only to remind people of how awful you treat your customers. Give us a refund you *******s!!!! I've waited too long to take the game back because of your empty promises of working patches. A patch that you guys test 5 joysticks on IS NOT a fix.

    BBB.com everyone and anyone with complaints PLEASE feel free to go to BBB.com and fill out a complaint.
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    can someone give me link to patch 1.01? Please ?
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    I read with interest the comments on Blazing Angels--thanks people--this is one game I shall NOT buy--it seems universally BAD...
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    Hello people of the game that wont work.
    I got the problem that when i want to update my BA, the installer of update 1.02 says that i didn't installed 1.01. When i again installed 1.1, it keeps saying that is isn't. So what to do now... downloaded it a milion times at milion sites.
    help me out plz
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    Hi... I installed the patch and experience some problems more than there were before...

    The sound is missing very often and sometimes my ceontroller has extreme sensitivity options... This means when i Pull the Joystick full to the left the plane is flying to the left but much slower. Also I wanted to reinstall the game but that doesnt work. The only thing the game does is installing the 1.02 Patch

    But afterall I love this game..Easy Controls with hardcore action and amazing graphics effects. It's the best I've ever played. (could be that I love such kind of games.) It's a pity that I can't find any onlinegames.
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