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    I can't download the v1.02.6 or v1.02.2 patch from http://www.transmissiongames.c...ver_Europe_v1.02.exe because appears the page "This Account Has Been Suspended"..
    Help me, please..
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    The Pre-Release patch is no longer useful because v1.02.7 has been officially released and your game will prompt you to install it when you open it.. or by running gu.exe found in your program files directory.
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    Well that's great the patch is no longer useful.

    But neither are these forums.

    The game is NOT asking me to update.

    I'm stuck at 1.01.

    There is no gu.exe anywhere on my PC.

    How about someone e-mail the official patch, so I can host it on my server since noone else will.


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