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    The new DLC adding Knives as a playable character, dodgeball, and drop in local coop. Really strange they have not choosen to add online coop with the DLC as most people want it and thats why some still will not buy this game.
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    While I don't agree with not releasing an ETA for this patch, at least I know the issue is known and that it's not being completely ignored.

    What I'd like to know now is since the patch adds new content, is this going to be paid DLC or free, at least to those who bought the game prior to the patch? I don't think it would be fair to have to pay more to get a game I bought two months ago just to get it to work the way it was supposed to when I bought it.

    BTW as far as online co-op, as far as I'm concerned this is the kind of game that benefits from the experience of actually getting together with real friends, in real life, and playing a game on the same TV. In my day it was unfathomable that gamers could be a lazier group than they already were. Now it's not uncommon for games to only only have online multiplayer. I like to think of Scott Pilgrim as a refreshing flashback to when people actually went to arcades and played games like these, or at least to a friend's house.
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    Its great to have friends come over and play no one denies that but not everyone has that luxery, but online allows people time to play as its always there and its easy to use. This game warrants online play, its a four player beat em up, look at ninja turtles, it has 4 player local and online, same as castle crashers why not this ?

    Seems like Ubisoft doesn't like to make money cause a lot of people refuse to buy when this game lacks an important feature that should be mandatory with local coop. If you have one have the other, don't half *** it and leave one or the other out.
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    So when will we see this promised patch?
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    In my day too, we would play in each other's presence on the same couch... but don't forget that in my day (and probably yours) we were about 10 years old.

    Now I'm an adult with a job.. AND I'm living in another country right now.. so I can't play with my friends!

    You would think that a game that you can only obtain by downloading it online would have online co-op.

    I'm the ideal demographic for the Scott Pilgrim game, but I'm also a working adult who can't just go hang out at his friends' houses anymore like I were 10.

    Please put online multiplayer into the game. I would love you for it Ubisoft.
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    Wondering if the freeze was fixed by DLC or reinstall the game? I love such co-op games so much
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    @Tappybot - Yeah I'm 25 and work 40 hours a week also, but I could never really could make the transition to online gaming...I even stopped paying for live gold because I wasn't using it...wearing headsets while gaming just doesn't feel right to me. I usually play games with my fiancee, and still manage to get together with friends about once a week or so.

    I can definitely get the appeal of playing a game like this online though, especially to someone in your situation of being out of your country. I guess my initial response to this game being offline only was kind of a small victory for my inner vintage game-snob, since many recent hit games are coming out with online-only multiplayer.

    But getting back on topic of this game, something tells me the bottom of this is that this game was pretty rushed, and was probably supposed to coincide with the movie's release date from the get go...I'd guess that's why it was so buggy, had no multiplayer, and why Ubi have been being so hush hush about there being anything wrong with this game at all, and later the release date for the patch fixing it.

    Oh well, I will be downloading the update and patch in a few minutes....we'll see how well that fixes things. Fingers crossed, and thanks for listening to your customer's grief eventually Ubisoft.

    EDIT: no patch or DLC on xbox today...gee I wonder why. I'm a little bit annoyed now...paid for this worthless game months ago (game looks amazing, and I wish I had a ps3 to enjoy it on, but yes, as it is, it's worthless)...wasted an hour or two trying to get past the 4th level without it freezing...waited patiently for this patch that was supposed to come out today, and was even going to pay the extra for the DLC. HOW LONG NOW UBISOFT?
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    So are they going to release this patch, or did they end up ignoring all the people who bought and are still buying the game?

    I just got a brand new Xbox 360 Slim and this was the very first game I downloaded. To my surprise, it stopped playing the background music while at the forest level and then it froze as soon as the final boss killed me.

    I really love this game, but we're talking about game-breaking bugs that not only should have been removed before the game's release, but they haven't been fixed after more than one year, and now I doubt they'll ever be addressed.
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    Sorry for the necro, but since there's dlc coming out, this might be the right place for this?

    Would it be possible to someday get a patch or something to skip the ending credits in this game? I've just sat here for the last 15 minutes watching these credits scroll by. Having beaten the game a few times, I think I'm pretty certain who works at Ubi now..
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    It's October 2012 and I just purchased this game. I've been having the same problem that's been mentioned here on your forums over 2 years ago. As a fan of the assassins creed games and splinter cell I hate to see the either you don't listen to your customers or don't care about the quality of your downloadable titles. I'm posting to let you know that there are still people interested in this game. It was just highly recommended to me this week. But after four hours of play and multiple freezes and issues with enemies not loading and therefore being stuck in an area and having to restart multiple times it has ruined what seemed to be another outstanding game from your company. Please release a patch for the problems. Or give me a refund if you don't plan on fixing it.
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