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    Yeah they need to patch/update so that the freezing and glitching isn't an issue anymore, maybe they will do a big push and give online coop and fixes for freezing and glitching with one great update/patch.
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    Offworlder1: I have to say I don't hold out a lot of hope for that. I reopened my support question, and it seems to be closed again with no textual update from Ubi Support. Hard to tell for sure. I may consider calling them to see if that helps, but I doubt it will. It seems like both the Support and Community arms are referring the abused players/buyers of the product in circles instead of someone stepping up and collecting what's needed to actually solve the problem.

    My game freezes too, but its hard to say if it is freezing less after I redownloaded it, since I only did that to deal with the broken achievement. Also, my very first game and system freeze was during a local multiplayer session. That wouldn't give me a lot of hope for them to successfully implement online multi and do it right.

    A lot of interwebs posts have pointed to Castle Crashers as at least the standard to which online 4-player coop should be, but even CC has multiplayer problems. The little bit I've been able to figure out about how the game was developed suggests that it runs in a flash container of some sort to make the 8/16bitness easier to deal with and avoid some of the problems of trying to code to legacy instruction set. Flash can do some interesting stuff but I've never considered it the most stable environment for multimedia presentation.

    Regardless though we can't get any help if the relevant people at Ubisoft aren't made to know about, and then care about fixing the problems.

    I work in IT, and so I know a bit about software development, and even those poor folks that work in a helpdesk and get overwhelmed with calls, but this is sort of ridiculous. It makes me regret buying the game, because I'm supporting the continuance of this sort of behavior from Ubi. It's just a small game - not a huge title, and it's movie tie-in - so it should be a bit easier to do "right". The major obstacle was the deadline to work against for the movie release.
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    This is frustrating. If you Google "scott pilgrim freezing", you get pages of links to various message boards and forums. People everywhere are experiencing this problem, and UbiSoft doesn't seem too willing to help.

    I really don't want to believe that UbiSoft is just happy to take our money and not give us the satisfaction of a 100% functioning game, but I'm starting to lean that way. Multiple complaints, and we're all directed to the same false "solutions".

    UbiSoft has become one of my favorite companies recently, as I've loved a large portion of their game catalogue in the last 5 years. I was ecstatic to learn that they were on the Scott Pilgrim boat, and more than eager for this game to come out. Now it's out, and I feel like it flips me the bird over and over by seizing up.

    Maybe it's because it's only been a couple of weeks, but there is still no sign that UbiSoft is planning on releasing a patch to fix it up. Not even an apology to all the gamers who've waited just as (if not more) eagerly, and bought it on release day.

    It's a fantastic game, and should live on in our memories for how fun it is to play. It should NOT live in infamy for how UbiSoft has been choosing to ignore the problems within it and leaving gamers in such frustration.
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    The guy above speaks the truth.
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    any news?
    Btw i sent a message to my xbl friend list, "do notbuy this game until a patch is out".
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    I think we are being ignored, but I hope I'm wrong and they are busy fixing things and will reply later when finished working on SPVSTW.
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    I wonder if the fix will be with the bundle that will be coming out when SPVSTW is on DVD.
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    The unofficial projection for the DVD release right now is November (http://videoeta.com/movie.html?via=form&id=104151). Do we really have to wait that long for Ubi to make a peep about this?
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    Quick update for you guys

    The freezing issues many of you have reported are to be addressed in an upcoming title update for the game
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    Thank you for the update! That's good news.
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