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    I have been flying IL2 and rest of its series now since day. But never really with a squadron. I want to join a squad especially now with the release of PF. I'm half way decent pilot and prefer flying german planes in current games and the american planes in PF.

    A squadron must have enough members so at least a couple are online during Prime Time US EST.
    The squad also must be a mature one but where having fun is the most important part. Use of Teamspeak is preferred.

    Please do not post in here but send me an email to Baksie@comcast.net

    Thank you

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    ... not to respond in here

    until you

    or anyone else

    sends an E-mail to me.



    Mature Recruiting Officer
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    Baksie, you twit! Hehe.. long time no see!

    The website is down at the moment for maintenance, but check out the recruitment thread for the 4thFG fellas.. they're largely ex-WWIIOL'ers and a great group of pilots. I haven't been disappointed in the slightest since I joined up with them.

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